The First Ramadan Umrah and Things to Know about It

Posted by Ady on October 2nd, 2019

It’s every single Muslim craving to perform Umrah in the month of Ramadan to increase the spiritual rewards for the final or eternal life. That’s why, the Ummah of Last Messenger of Allah the Almighty, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) wait for this month with great and true spirit. The rewards and Barakah get double just for the Muslims brothers and sisters.

They obtain the all-out benedictions and sacred signs by Allah the Almighty through this month in different forms such as offering Salah with the congregation, keep fasting, reciting the Holy Quran and send the Darood on Last Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), and performing I’tikaf. But they use different Ramadan Umrah Packages 2020 which are available at very cheap and discounted rates. Therefore, Islamic Travel is the best and reliable name in the travel world which offers luxury and cheapest deals, according to traveler's needs and requirements.

Performing Umrah Very First Time in Ramadan

If you are going to perform Umrah very first time then you need to know about Umrah things such as,

• How to Perform Umrah

The biggest thing you need to consider is how to perform Umrah to pardon your sins and wrongdoings. We must perform Umrah according to Sunnah way to get a supreme reward after carrying out Umrah.

• Rules of Ihram

If you don’t know the rules of Ihram, then your Umrah isn’t complete according to Sunnah way. So, it is mandatory to learn about Ihram dress.

• Why Ramadan is the Best Month?

Ramadan is the best month according to Muslim scholars because the person who performs Umrah in the sacred month of Ramadan gains the reward equivalent to Hajj worship. Therefore, the majority of Muslims perform Umrah in this month.

• Rituals of Umrah

Another consideration is to learn about the rituals of Umrah. Umrah has four obligatory rites and ceremonies, wearing a dress, Tawaf e Kaaba, performing Say’ee, and removing your hairs.

• Weather Conditions

Check out the weather condition because Saudi Arabia lies in the desert climatic region, therefore, the weather is hot and sunny during the month of Ramadan.

These are some points that you must consider before going to mystical journey thru economical and luxurious last 10 days Ramadan Umrah Packages 2020.

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