What are things you need to know while buying crockeries?

Posted by David Harper on October 2nd, 2019

The Turkish people are famous for their strong black tea; as it is a part of their culture. The Turkish people have strong tea with their traditional beverages and it fall under their culture. Not only the consumption but also the preparation of tea is an integral part of their culture. The most attractive part of the tea culture is the tea set. The tea set is called as ‘Cay’; Cay is tea and the tea ceremony represents the Turkish culture which is a few hundred years old.

Before you delve about the tea ceremony, you need to know that Turkey is the fifth country that grows tea. According to the survey, the consumption of tea is much more in domestic households than in commercial sectors. The people there consume tea right from the breakfast to bed time and they use fancy teat set.

Things you need to consider


The Turkish are very particular about their tea culture and they are crockeries are also represents intricate design. If you are buying tea set, you need check the quality of the product. Primarily the teat set is the epitome of elegance as they are made of high-quality material. In most cases the set is made of fine glass and that is the specialty of the crockery so while you are buying it you need to check whether you are getting the best quality product.


The design of the Turkish crockery is really fancy and this is the reason you also need to look for the design. The tea sets are epitome of elegance as they come in sleek design. There several designs are found and you need to consider the designs as per your need. Sometimes, the cusps with metal brace and that can be removed easily.


The price of the crockery depends on how money pieces are there in the set. Therefore, the price of the product widely varies. You need to decide first for how many people you are buying the set. Some set accompanies with kettle and some not so in that case you need to check whether you need a comprehensive set or a set of tea cups.

Choosing the seller

If you want to purchase authentic Turkish Tea Set then you need to choose the seller carefully so that you get your hands on the right product. A reliable seller will charge proper price and offer good product against that.

Lastly, the Turkish crockery represents the history, culture and etiquette. You need to opt for the product that signifies the elegance. If you consider the above-mentioned facts then finding  the right product will be easier.

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