The choice and registration of a domain name

Posted by Md Hridoy on October 3rd, 2019

The domain name is your web address or URL. Although it may be different from the actual name of your company or organization, your URL is a marketing tool and should be carefully selected! WebMedia Design is responsible for Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Internet Protocol (IP) Redirection, and e-mail accounts.

When choosing your domain name:
Here are five tips to help you choose your web address efficiently:

1. Make sure you choose a domain name that is easy to pronounce, write and remember. When it comes time to mention the name of your website (at a party or event, for example), it will save you many difficulties!

2. Avoid hard-to-type letters such as q or z.  In addition, using underscores and hyphens is not recommended: although these may make your domain name more visually appealing, they are not necessary. Indeed, the search engines will still recognize the keywords contained in the name of your website.

3. Try to incorporate an effective phrase that describes your products or services. Your domain name should reflect the nature of your business or organization. This will greatly improve your web referencing since the domain name is an essential element. Among other things, it is suggested to use the keywords that your customers will use during an internet search.

4. Choose a primary domain name related to your activities. If it is a business, use the ".com", if it is an organization site, the ".org", for a business site, the ".biz" etc. If you plan to do business only in Canada, you may consider buying the ".ca".

5. Consider the possibility of buying more than one domain name. For example, several companies will purchase the ".com" as well as a second domain, which will be more targeted (for example, the ".ca"). The ".com" is the most important domain on the Web: by buying it, you make sure that your customers are not redirected to a website that is not yours, but has the same name. Similarly, it is inadvisable to buy a name that already exists under another domain. For example, if the name "" is already used, try using a slightly different name such as "" (think abbreviations!).

In short, when choosing your web address, the most important thing is to stay clear and concise. In this way, your business will naturally gain visibility, both through SEO and thanks to the coveted "word of mouth"!Also if you are looking for the best  wordpress website development service Please knock us!               

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