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Software development life cycle describes the stages of software development. SDLC is a framework to describe the task of each stage of the software development process. The SDLC is a systematic procedure for building software. SDLC helps developers to build high-quality software based on customer expectations. In Software Development Life Cycle explain how to plan, build and maintain specific software. Mainly there are 6 stages of the software development process they are.

  • Requirement gathering and analysis 
  • design
  • Implementation or coding
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  •  Maintenance

Phase 1: Requirement gathering and analysis 

Requirement gathering and analysis is the first phase in the Software Development Life Cycle. In this phase, we collect the business requirement. In the first phase, there is a meeting with the client and experienced software development team to gathering requirement of the client and they ask some question like this who is going to use this system? What kind of data input into the system? What kind of data output by the system? To find out the customer needs. After requirement gathering, analyze the requirement and a document is created and the scope of the project is determined and documented.

Phase 2: Design

The next phase of software development Life Cycle is the Design phase. In this Phase developers and designing team building the architecture of the project. The design must be creative and clear. This phase develops two kinds of design document they are High-Level Design (HLD) and Low-Level Design (LLD).

High-Level Design (HLD)

  • Name of each module and description.
  • The functionality of every module.
  • Dependencies and relationship between modules.
  • Identify database tables along with their key elements.
  • Making architecture diagrams along with technology details

Low-Level Design (LLD)

  • Functional logic of the modules.
  • Database tables with type and size.
  • Making complete details of the interface
  • Error message listing.
  • Complete input and output of every module 

Phase 3: Coding 

 After System Design Phase is over our next phase is coding. In this phase, the developer starts writing code for the entire system using the chosen programming language. This is one of the longest phases in the Software Development Life Cycle in this phase task divided into parts or module and allocates to various developers. The developer must follow some predefined coding instruction. Programming tools like compiler, interpreters, and debugger are needed to generate and implement code.

Phase 4: Testing

After completing the coding phase the next phase of the Software Development Life Cycle is testing. At the time of testing, experienced testers start testing the entire system against the requirement to find out the product is solving the needs gathered in the requirement phase. Testing is a very important factor in the quality of the software. In this phase, functional testing like unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing, system testing are done and also include non-functional testing.

Phase 5: Deployment

After completing a successful testing phase the product is provided to the customer for their use.

Phase 6: Maintenance

The final phase of the Software Development Life cycle is Maintenance. Maintenance phase includes bug fixing, upgrades, restore etc.

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