What Do You Think Which One is Better Cesspool or Septic Tank?

Posted by nyseptic on October 3rd, 2019

These overflow pits are lined with concrete, cement, stone, brick, or with other materials. These materials are generally perforated to allow wastewater to drain into the surrounding soils. Where, wastewater flows into the cesspool and is stored for temporarily, after some time, water percolates through the perforated walls of the pit and into the soils.

Both Cesspool & Septic Tank Services are using for waste water management when a connection with a centralized municipal sewer line isn’t practical or available. Around 25% of North America depends on the septic tank for private sewage disposal and majority of people replacing the outdated cesspool in most cases, but there are various cesspools still in operation. Both Cesspool & Septic Tank Services share primary goal of separating three types of organic waste material which is found in a sewage disposal system. These are:

1- Scum– Scum are less dense than water, it’s floating onto the top layer. Scum is bio-degradable.
2- Effluent– The wastewater, which is only the layer to be distributed to the surrounding soil for natural absorption.
3- Sludge– Any solid which is heavier than water sinks to the bottom layer in a septic tank or cesspool. But sludge is not biodegradable and should be pumped out periodically.

Cesspools Maintenance in New York is quite easy with mobile trucks they can come during any emergency in just a call.

Features of cesspools maintenance service provider:

• Prompt arrival to direct location
• Safely secure the environment
• Environmental Services professionals
• Following all industry guidelines and protocols
• Cesspool & Septic Management & Pipe Jetting
• Servicing for all such as: Cesspool, Septic, & Pipe Jetting Service needs.

They do any kind of Cesspools Maintenance in New York such as commercial, residential and industrial. Make sure that your cesspool system continues to work at peak levels and don’t need unnecessary services so, few things to keep in mind:

• Avoid flushing out strong chemicals such as various paint thinners, floor cleaners; anti-freeze, motor oil and pesticides may destroy the necessary bacteria having in your cesspool system.
• Keep in mind to avoid flushing items that aren’t easily degradable. Such items may paper towels, personal hygiene products, disposable diapers, cigarette butts, medications, coffee grounds, dental floss, facial tissues, plastic items, etc.
• Avoid cesspool additives because, various products promise to help boost your cesspools efficiency, they can cause an imbalance in your tank and absorption field which can lead to severe problems.

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