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Par excellence diagnostic facilities by US Bio Chem

Posted by usbiochem on October 3rd, 2019

Pathologist, the specialist doctors help treating doctors by investigating, identifying and understanding of disease. They carefully examine organs, tissues, body fluids or cells and molecules and by studying disease processes in laboratory experiments, pathologists help clinicians in pin pointing disease and disease process.

Pathologists interpret results of pathological tests based on which doctors initiate treatment of diseases.

Specialties in the field of pathology

Pathology laboratories play a vital role in APTT test the cause and physiology of disease.

Majority of high standard and modern path labs work for various fields and sub-specialities, such as:

•    Hematopathology - for blood tests

•    Cytopathology- deals with investigations through cells

•    Neuropathology

•    General surgical pathology

•    Pediatric pathology

•    Obstetric and gynecologic pathology

•    Gastro-intestinal and liver pathology

•    Breast pathology

•    Renal pathology

•    Urologic pathology

•    Dermatopathology

In addition, pathology laboratories are immensely helpful for Autopsy, Aspiration biopsy such as FNAB (Fine Needle Aspiration biopsy) and molecular pathology.

Clinical Pathology

Clinical Pathology is concerned with diagnosing diseases based on laboratory analysis of various body fluids such as:

•    Plasma  

•    Urine

•    Stool  

•    Mucosal  secretions

•    Cerebrospinal fluid

The goal of pathology examinations is to provide clinicians with accurate interpretation of specific and comprehensive diagnosis

Pathological tests conducted by path labs

Professional C Peptide test pathology laboratories strive to become a centre of excellence by adopting latest techniques, inducting highly skilled professionals and introducing latest state-of-the art analyzers.

Apart from routine blood tests and urine or stools testing, updated path labs perform various tests that include:

Lipid Panel- a blood test that measures lipids i.e. fats and fatty substances are performed for vast majority of people with cardiac ailments, diabetic and obese patients.

 Lipid Penal tests include:

•    HDL

•    LDL

•    Triglyceride

 Other measurements performed under Lipid Panel include:

•    Very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) cholesterol level.

•    Total Cholesterol to HDL Ratio

•    LDL to HDL Ratio

TSH Test i.e. Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone Test

Doctors often prescribe TSH test for patients with symptoms of excessive thyroid hormone in their blood (hyperthyroidism) or too little thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism).

Drug Testing – especially while appointing employees, The best drug testing in Louisiana is getting increasingly popular. Presence of one or more illegal drugs in your urine, blood, saliva, hair, or sweat is common.

Drug testing is routinely done for banned substance abuse, performance-enhancing drugs or other substances in sports.

Drug testing is often performed for legal or forensic purposes like a criminal or motor vehicle accident investigation and monitoring Opoid use.

In addition, Amylase Test and Lipase tests are also conducted in path labs to help treating doctors in diagnosis and treatment of disorders of pancreas.

Amylase Test

Amylase is an enzyme secreted by pancreas and salivary glands to help digest food.

Amylase Test is meant for patients having problem with their pancreas that may be pancreatitis and/or an infection or among alcoholics. Amylase test is done to measures the amount of amylase in your blood or urine.

Lipase test

Like antinuclear antibody test , Lipase is also a type of protein produced by pancreas that helps your body digest fats. Presence of a small amount of lipase in blood is normal but high level of lipase is indicative of pancreatitis - inflammation of Pancreas and/or DNA test Metairie type of Pancreas disease.

Lipase test is done with blood sample for measuring lipase.

Besides these tests, there are many pathological tests that are performed by US Bio Chem using state-of- Choose the occult blood test art diagnostic equipments and facilities.

We, at US Bio Chem, have fully trained health care professionals i.e. Phlebotomists for taking samples for pathological clinical tests, transfusions, donations or research.

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