Why is Plastic Bad for Us and How You Should Get Rid of It

Posted by George Warren on October 3rd, 2019

If you are want to make your lifestyle greener and do a huge favor to the environment then you need to stop using plastic. Plastic is harmful to all types of ecosystems and is bad for human health as well. If you take a look around your home or office you will realize that you are surrounded by plastic things like straws, water bottles, take-out containers, disposable utensils, produce bags, food wrappers, etc.

It may not be realistic to remove plastic from your life completely but you can make an effort to reduce the use. By using paper bags instead of plastic ones and switching to reusable water bottles. Small actions can have a huge impact on the environment.

Why plastic is bad?

  1. The plastic production is off the charts and every piece of plastic manufactured remains in the environment is some form. When we throw out the trash we are putting all the plastic we use on the road and make its way to the landfills and sewers and end up in the ocean. Plastic is deadly for marine life as it can suffocate them and kill them. The plastic consumption has a direct impact on marine life. It is disturbing the balance of marine life and damaging a major food source for humans. It is important to choose waste removal services that properly get rid of plastic.
  2. The production of plastic is high because most of the plastic products are for single use. There are plastic bags and shoppers and gloves that have a lifespan of just a few hours and you will have to throw them out contributing to the waste. The major companies are looking to get rid of the single-use plastics and replace them with products that are made up of biodegradable and plant-based ingredients.  
  3. Bisphenol A is a common chemical used in the production of plastics and it is hazardous for human beings. As the plastic comes in direct contact with the food and the hazardous chemical can seep into the food and get into the human system. Consuming harmful chemicals can lead to serious health issues like prostate and breast cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

BPA or bisphenol A can also interfere with the functioning of the normal endocrine system and disturb the metabolism. Too much exposure can lead to obesity. It affects thyroid function and causes miscarriages and birth defects. BPA also increases the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Heart disease is also a major health risk related to exposure to BPA. It can also promote Alzheimer’s disease.

How to recycle and reuse plastic?

Plastic has nearly indestructible properties but thanks to the technology there are ways you can reuse and repurpose the plastics. There are technologies that can decompose the plastic completely.

Here are a few latest ways you can reuse and recycle plastic.

  1. There are people that are turning the plastic bottles into eco-friendly and functional buildings. They are collecting the plastic that people throw and use it to build houses.
  2. An innovative way of eliminating plastic bags is to turn them into crude oil. The process is efficient as it makes sure that plastic bags do not end up in the ocean.

Before you put the plastic bottles or straws in the recycle bin you should know that not all plastic is recyclable.

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