Fashion Guide to Menís Basic Tees

Posted by Imran Ashraf on October 3rd, 2019

There are some men that only like to wear tees as only a source of comfort and use them only at home or gym. In either case, it cannot be denied that tees are now part of every men’s clothing. The basic tees are however considered unsuitable for formal events. So the line has to be drawn on where to wear your basic tees and where you should avoid them. In this article, we will discuss the stylish and common sense approach to men’s basic tees.

Occasions to Wear a T-Shirt

A basic tee cannot be wore anywhere. It should be noted that tees were primarily invented as an undergarment. Tees are generally considered as the most casual clothing. Since tees are undeniably comfortable compared to other clothing materials. Men’s basic tees can be wore where things need to get done quickly and sweat is produced such as sports or during gym.

The formal events such as office meetings, marriages, etc. are the worst places to wear tees. Even some offices don’t allow their staff to wear tees at work as it looks highly unprofessional. Another criteria that can be considered when selecting tees as your basic wardrobe is age. Generally, basic tees are considered an item of good clothing for younger men. If you have a good physique then tees are your go-to clothing. If you are too skinny or bulky the tees will make your figure more prominent which of course will make you look awkward.

Whatever your views are it could be agreed that tees are not the best looking outfit in the world. It is advised that if you want to make a good first impression your priority should not be a basic tee.

Considerations When Selecting A Tee:

There are a few basic considerations that should be made while selecting men’s basic tees. These will help you look better even with the cheapest tees. The size of the shirt should not be too long or too short. The same goes for the tightness. The shirt should not be too tight or too loose. If you are overweight a good way to hide it. Other considerations that should be made while selecting a tee is its shoulders and sleeves. Proper fitting of tees and shoulders make a basic tee much better. A piece of good advice to make you look better in tees is to avoid baggy shirts. A tee that follows the shape of your body makes you look much better as compared to regular tees.

Another consideration that you can make while selecting a tee is considering its collar line. The collar line is dependent on your taste. You can consider collar lines such as a simple collar, v collar, and crew collars.

You can buy men’s basic tee in the local market and through online stores very easily.

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