How to Choose the Best Addressable LED Strip Lights?

Posted by Donald Scott on October 3rd, 2019

LED strip lights are extremely versatile illuminants and these can be used for about anything – whether it comes to bright display window illumination or subtle accent lighting. Lighting strips are available in varied types and it can be helpful to know what is signified by each number set, so as to know the most appropriate lighting strip for your needs. Find out how to choose the best Addressable LED Strip lights.

Size of addressable LED strip

When it comes to addressable LED strip lights, the size of each one determines the light distribution and brightness. It is indicated by a 4-figure no. that refers to the sizes of chips. 3528 indicates a chip that measures 3.5 X 2.8 mm. 5050 means a 5 X 5 mm chip. With bigger sized chips, you can get more uniform and brighter light.

Color of ws2811 led strip

These lights are available in varied colors. Warm white and cool white are regular choices for standard lighting situations. You can also get colored ws2811 led strip lights that are useful for decorative reasons. You may pick a lighting strip of single color or choose the RGB LED that changes color and can often be programmed for an entire series of lighting effects.

Strip length

Ws2811 led strip lights are generally available in reels of 5 or 10 mm, which is standard. However, one can often order custom lengths as well. There are also cutting points in strips at intervals. Thus, these can easily be cut to the required lengths.

Ease of installation

A few lights come with a self-adhesive back that ensures ease of attachment and setup. It can be beneficial for small DIY-type setups. You might even like to get strips mounted over flat aluminum bar for more protection.

Different manufacturers can offer even more variables as well as custom options in LED strip lighting, so discuss your requirements with your LED lighting or signage specialist to decide exactly which product will suit you best.

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