Where Can You Use Ws2812b LED Strip Lights in Kitchens?

Posted by Donald Scott on October 3rd, 2019

LED (Light Emitting Diode) strips produce bright illumination. These are particularly great to have in the kitchen area and the surrounding dining areas. Low voltage Ws2812b LED Strip lights happen to be light in weight and energy-saving in form, and each small bulb works independent of each other. These can be subtle or very bright in illumination, and function with dimmers as well. Find out where you can use LED strip lights in kitchen areas.

Install ws2812b LED strip beneath cabinets

You may attach ws2812b led strip illuminants beneath cupboards or hanging cabinets or over them, which can lend a soft glow to your kitchen during the evening. There is no reason for overhead lights to be kept on. Those coming to the kitchen during the night can find out where they are moving to even without the vibrant illuminants.

Cupboards and pantries

You can put LED light strips in a pantry, and associate the same to the light switch. In case your pantry is of a walk-in type, the strips can light up every shelf and make it more convenient to locate the stuffs that you have kept at the shelf-back.

Mount programmable LED strip under islands

You can place programmable led strip illuminants under the serving counters or beneath island, which can lend a glow that is attractive and soft minus the glare of bright illuminants. These can show the island or counter to the best effect, particularly if these areas are used for meals. Mount these lights beneath a pass-though counter or an island and illuminate the storage cabinets located under the overhanging edge of the counter.

Dining area

Attach programmable led strip lights to the wall immediately under the ceiling in the dining area next to the kitchen, and get a soft glow. These produce cost-effective illumination in the dining spot.

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