What are the Decorative Uses of Pixel LED Strip Lights?

Posted by Donald Scott on October 4th, 2019

Pixel LED Strip lights are wonderful illuminants that can be used to achieve wonderful effects in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens etc. These are loved by interior-designers who wish to play with light and make the areas impactful and welcoming. Find out about some of the most decorative uses of these illuminants, or simply – where you can use them in.


In case you have glass-stairs, an amazing effect can be achieved with these illuminants glittering throughout the staircases. You can access led digital tube in varied colors, in order to get your preferred decoration. If your staircase is a regular one, place the lights adjacent to the border and get that amazing appearance. It can also increase the safety factor, as you can note each step clearly. The risks of falling down can be reduced.

Use pixel led strip for Mirror border

You can also set up pixel led strip lights next to your mirror’s border. In homes that have less space, you would like to have optimal lighting. With mirrors, you can make the internal space look bigger. Put these led digital tube illuminants along the sides so that there is an amazing effect. However, the lumens shines over the mirrors, reflects it within the rooms and make the internal area appear more spacious, lighter and brighter.

Under the bed / sofa

You may also use led digital tube illuminants under your bed / sofa to get an amazing effect. It can let you enjoy soft lighting, and deactivate all your primary lights. The lighting around your couch base in a darkened room can make for an exclusive, amazing ambience that you would love to be proud of.

Set up led digital tube for Deck / patio

In case you have a deck or patio, you may also use these lights to immediately mark the border off so that your visitors do not have to assume at night where your deck / patio actually ends.

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