Is It Expensive of Ancient Tree Tea Pu-erh?

Posted by naturalpuerh on October 4th, 2019

Time is the best gift to attributed the pu-erh contents and aged scent. As our specialty tea, it has unique natural earthy odor and herbal aroma,soup color is dark red like red wine,warm but smooth flavor are its most attraction. We believe that Pu-erh is alive since it can do self-change with time, the longer the time rolls on, the more it will make you surprise.

Speaking of ancient trees Pu-erh tea, the first impression of many people is the impression of "expensive", "profiteering" and "very profitable." Although the taste of ancient tea is very good, but for these reasons, many tea friends have stopped. So is the ancient tree tea expensive? Here is the cost of each link for the tea friends to calculate the ancient tree tea is not expensive!

First of all, because the ancient tree tea is relatively rare, and there are many inconveniences in the mountain traffic, the ancient tree tea can only be picked by hand. Moreover, the ancient tree tea trees are generally taller, so they need to be manually climbed to pick, and some even have to set up shelves. Although no technology is needed, the efficiency of manual picking is relatively low. Under normal circumstances, a skilled tea picker can pick 10 kilograms of fresh leaves a day. For some local environments, it is common for the tree to be too tall to pick 4-5 kilograms of fresh leaves a day. According to the ratio of 1 kg of dry tea to 4 kg of fresh leaves, a skilled tea picker can only pick 1-3 kg of dry tea a day. The wages of workers are generally 100 yuan / day, and it costs about 150 yuan / day to eat and wrap, so the cost of picking the link per kilogram of ancient tree tea costs 30-50 yuan.

There is also a tea-selling session. Every year, when it comes to the spring tea market, whether it is a tea farmer or a tea merchant, you must hire young and vigorous tea workers. The local tea-smelling workers belong to technical jobs, and the monthly salary is 4000-6000 (this is just ordinary tea-fired workers, the masters will not talk about it, definitely higher), according to one person, 100 kilograms of fresh leaves a day, that is, 25 kilograms. Dry tea, this link adds 10 yuan per kilogram of ancient tree tea. Stir a pot of tea in general 5-8 kg of fresh leaves, take 30-40 minutes, each time after sweating, back pain, ordinary people can not insist on two pots.Then it is to mix and dry, pick yellow tablets, and carry these links is also lossy for tea, although the loss is not very big, but for tea merchants, this is also a loss after all, drying in the pile, picking yellow tablets In the process of packing and handling, the cake will be 3%-5% of the loss of tea.

The actual situation depends on the actual situation. The number of times of turning is too much, and there are more broken pieces of rain. Assume that one kilogram of dry tea is 1,000 yuan, and 3%-5% is the loss of 30-50 yuan.That is to say, the ancient tree Pu-erh tea light is the artificial cost of picking, frying tea, and the artificial labor cost per kilogram of ancient tree tea is more than 50 yuan. In addition to the wear and tear in the production process, the cost of ordinary ancient Pu-erh tea is more than 100 yuan. If the value of the more expensive Pu-erh tea is inevitably higher, this is not the price of the ancient tree tea itself.

Here we make a hypothesis, tea merchants to tea mountain to buy fresh leaves, assuming 400 yuan a pound (here said pure ancient tree tea, not mixed with small trees, rain tea), 4 kilograms of fresh leaves can almost do one kilogram dry Tea, 1.2 kilograms of Mao tea can suppress 357 grams of this raw cake. Because of the loss in the pressing process, so a little two kilograms is probably. In this calculation, it is that about 1.3 kilograms of fresh leaves can suppress a 357 grams of raw cake. However, this is a simple calculation. If you want to calculate very accurately, you should believe in the calculation of the loss in the middle and the exact time of drying. In this way, the cost of the ancient tree Pu-erh tea light of 357 grams is about 400×1.3+30=550 yuan. Coupled with packaging, logistics, warehousing and other links, then the cost price of 600 yuan is still necessary!

Speaking of this, there may be a tea friend asking, how is the ancient tree tea on the Internet 9.9? What I can tell you here is that it can only be called "old tree tea"!

If you still feel expensive, then the author is calculating the account for you, assuming you bought 2,000 yuan a pound of ancient tree tea, then 1 gram is 4 yuan, a bubble 8 grams 32 yuan, 32 yuan can be about 3-5 Friends drink tea for an afternoon, is it expensive? If you go to the tea house or Starbucks with your friends, take the ordinary tea house for the most tea 10 yuan / cup, Starbucks is also 15 / cup, and still a cup. In this way, do you still think it is expensive to drink ancient tree tea? Even if you go to the tea shop and cup of tea, you have to get 7 yuan / cup! Do you still think that the ancient tree Pu-erh tea is expensive?

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