Best Strategy Of Incorporating Expired Domains Into Your Websites

Posted by AnthonyMiller on October 4th, 2019

All over the world, people are buying expired domains. With the right domain scrapper and expired domain crawler, you can get great expired domains. However, purchasing an expired domain is one thing incorporating an expired into your website is another thing. However, there are three main strategies in which you can use to integrate the expired domains into your site correctly.

  1. Strategy 1: 301 Redirect 

After finding the right expired domain using domain finder, webmaster or website administrator does use 301 redirect to the new website. 301 redirect strategy only works if the expired domain is in the same niche as the new website. Not using expired domains with a similar slot can raise questions in the search engines.

The 301 redirect is most common because it is less time-consuming. Also, you get to enjoy a significant percentage of the expired domain's link. However, it does come with disadvantages as you may be forced to pay penalties in case the expired domain does have penalties. That is why the need for quality expired domain scrape expired domain scraper.

  1. Strategy 2: Creating Microsite 

When it comes to properly incorporating expired domains into a new website, the second option is creating a microsite from the expired domain. Turning an expired domain into a microsite does require the expired domain to have decent ratings.


Creating microsites from the expired domains does come with a lot of significant advantages. These advantages include;

  • You can carry out experiments on the microsite to know if you can implement it into your main sites.
  • You can get real-time sales conversions with microsites.
  • You can cross-link into your leading site.


While creating microsites from expired domains does come with a lot of advantages. It does also come with a lot of disadvantages. These include

  • Creating a successful microsite is time- consuming.
  • You can get penalized for aggressive promotion as they may appear spammy.
  • The site does not inherit all the links of the expired domain.
  1. Strategy 3;Run the current website and the expired domain independently.

Finally, the last option in which you can incorporate expired domains is by running your website and your expired domain separately. You can start by uploading new content onto the old domain and still sell the same product on both domains. You can opt for this option if your current website is doing well and the expired domain does rank better. Opting for this option does help to increase sales conversions.


  • Helps to increase sales conversion rate on your store.
  • For the expired domain you will need less effort to get better ranking primarily if you use the right expired domain scraper.


  • You can receive penalties in case of duplicate content.
  • It can be time-consuming as you have to develop new content for both sites.


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