Sales Automation Software V/S Marketing Automation Software

Posted by Kritika Singh on October 4th, 2019

Do you think sales automation software and marketing automation software are the same? The answer is not really. Both sales automation software and marketing automation software have their particular features and utility in the sales and marketing process. Sales automation software and marketing automation software have become an integral part of businesses these days. Seeing at a macro level sales automation software and marketing automation software looks similar; however, they serve different purposes. Let us compare and contrast marketing automation software with sales automation software:

The difference in Primary User: The primary user for sales automation software and marketing automation software is different. Sales automation is used by sales executives, whereas the marketing team uses marketing automation. Now, it doesn’t mean that only the sales team using the sales automation software; there are other teams as well using the sales automation, but here we are only discussing the primary user. Marketing automation software is more advanced than sales automation software as it is developed to fulfill the requirements of different types of marketing campaigns. Marketing automation software allows performing different action types, like changing field values, editing records, aligning records to a CRM, distributing leads, and so on. However, with sales automation software, it has workflows used by the sales team when tracking leads like sending emails, text messages, and so on.

Email Source: Another notable difference between marketing automation software and sales automation software is the manner that email messages are sent. In marketing automation software, emails are sent through the marketing automation provider’s network; however, in sales automation, software emails are sent through the company’s own email server. It can be an Exchange server, Office 365, Google, and so on. Sales automation software offers better control over the emails with better deliverability, and an option to unsubscribe in the emails.

Tracking Emails: The third difference between sales automation software and marketing automation software is the level of tracking emails. Marketing automation software tracks the number of emails opened and clicked; however, it doesn’t detect if anybody replies to an email. Contrary to this, sales automation software can detect replies. With sales automation software, contacts can be automatically removed from the workflow if the deal is closed or not interested in the offer; however, with marketing automation software, leads need to be manually removed if they are closed or not interested in product or service. Marketing automation is ideally used to nurture relationships with existing clients; however, sales automation is used for establishing new relationships.

Target Audience: The last major difference between sales automation software and marketing automation software is the target audience contacted and in which stage of a buyer’s journey. Sales automation software is simple, and due to its sales-friendly setup, it is used to fill the top of the sales funnel. Relationships at the top of the sales funnel are delicate and not completely established; in such scenarios, sales automation software acts as a savior to create strong connections. Sales executives can take most of the advantage of sales automation software that helps them to build strong connections at the beginning of a buyers’ journey. On the other hand, marketing automation software is ideal for contacts in the middle or bottom of the funnel, when a relationship is already established.

In a nutshell automation software is used by marketers and intended for middle to bottom of the funnel people. It is perfect for nurturing warm prospects or existing clients, establishing stronger relationships, and up-selling customers. However, sales automation software is used by sales executives and intended for the top of the funnel sales activities. It is perfect for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and prospecting.

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