Some of the Best Places to Visit in the Hilly Town of Pachmarhi

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Pachmarhi is a charming hill station located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which sits amidst the gorgeous Satpura range. This hilly town is surrounded by expansive green spaces and attracts tourists from around the world with its natural beauty. Pachmarhi tour packages can be booked through the website of any renowned travel and tourism company, so as to visit and explore the diverse enchanting and intriguing sites of this hill station.

Here are some of the top attractions of Pachmarhi:

  • Pandav Gufas: The Pandava Gufas comprise of a group of five caves that lie on a small hillock present in Pachmarhi. It is believed that the Pandavas took shelter in these caves during their period of exile.  However, as per certain archaeological evidence, these caves were constructed sometime around the 1st century BC by Buddhist monks. These beautifully carved natural caves are one of the prominent tourist attractions of Pachmarhi.

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  • Handi Khoh: This is considered to be one of the most stunning ravines present in Central India. The Handi Khoh features a 300 feet high precipice that is surrounded by a dense forest. This site has an intriguing mythological history that is closely linked with Lord Shiva.

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  • Priyadarshini Point: This is a spot from where people can enjoy an awe-inspiring view of the whole Pachmarhi valley, including the gorgeous Handi Khoh ravine. Captain Forsyth of the British Army discovered the hill station of Pachmarhi from this very spot. This site was initially named as the Forsyth point, after the British Capitan. This site was renamed as the Priyadarshini Point after the end of British rule in India. The Priyadarshini Point is considered to be one of the best places in Pachmarhi to witness the sunset of the glorious Satpura Range.

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  • Gupt Mahadev Temple: This is a 40-feet large cave that houses a Shiva lingam, as well as a grand idol of Lord Shiva. To enter the Gupt Mahadev temple, people have to go through an extremely narrow path that can be only passed by eight people at a single time. In addition, there is an enshrined idol of Lord Hanuman featured at the entrance of this cave.

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  • Jatashankar: This natural cave and Hindu temple lies in the northern region of Pachmarhi. The Jatashankar is located in a deep ravine that has huge boulders perched just above it. This prominent cave features stalagmites. And, these stalagmites are highly revered and worshipped as naturally formed lingams. Near these caves, people can find two gorgeous spring-fed ponds.

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The weather condition in Pachmarhi is extremely pleasant all year round, and hence people can visit this hill station at any time of the year. Visiting this town during the summer season would especially be a good idea, in order to enjoy a much-needed relief from the scorching summer heat prevalent in many of the other parts of India. This is a good destination to visit during the monsoons as well, as the Pachmarhi town is usually laden with beautiful mist and clouds during this time. Comprehensive Pachmarhi tour packages can be booked by people through any renowned travel and tourism company operating in the country. Through them, people can also visit various other interesting sites of Madhya Pradesh.

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