The Type Of Building Inspection And Rental Inspection You Needed

Posted by impactbuilding on October 4th, 2019

Investing your hard-earned money in properties is always a good option for those who want a good return in the form of rental income. You may also think of selling your building or house on higher sale-value at some point of time in future. However, all these things largely depend on the condition of the building. Maintaining a residential property in good condition requires taking active care and preventive maintenance such as building inspection Adelaide. In the case of rented housing, the owner usually relies on the tenants to maintain the condition. under this condition, rental inspection Adelaide will be an appropriate option.

If you want to ensure that your building or rental property remains properly maintained and in excellent condition, it is recommended to conduct regular building inspections. The inspection of rental property will give you the right assessment about the maintenance required in the building, what need to be fixed, nip the faults and defects in the bud as well as it will make sure that your tenets are following the terms of use or not.

Types of Building inspection

Move-In Inspection:

It is carried out by you and your tenants before each lease term is about to commence. The process of move-in inspection will assess and evaluate the condition of your property at the beginning of the rental term. It will help to keep a dated reference in case of any unprecedented or bigger damage occur beside normal wear and tear. In this process, every room, wall, floor, door, window, light fixture, appliance faucet, etc are checked and reviewed to ensure they are working properly. Moreover, any crack, hole, dent, etc are also recorded and photographed.

Move-Out Inspection:

As the name suggests, it is done to determine the overall condition of the building or house when the tenant moves out. It is also important to carry out move-out building inspection Adelaide because as per the lease agreement, your tenant should render you the property in the same condition as they received at the time of moving in. The move-out inspection will be used as a reference to compare the condition of the building at the beginning of the tenancy and what it is at the time of moving out.

Seasonal Inspection

The seasonal inspection helps you to ensure lease compliance and assess the condition of the rental property for seasonal maintenance. It comprises of exterior and interior preventive maintenance of the building. The seasonal inspection also gives you an opportunity to provide adequate feedback to the tenants regarding what could be done differently to keep the building in healthy and tidy conditions.

Choose the right person

A building or rental inspection Adelaide should always be done by hiring a qualified, experienced and expert such as a surveyor, an architect or a licensed builder. These professional are well-trained at looking the right areas in your building or rental properties. They know exactly what to look, where to look and will easily see through and cosmetic make-ups used to cover up faults and defects. They provide an accurate report based on their inspection. 

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