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Posted by Jitendra Patel on October 4th, 2019

Pharma franchise is defined as the authorization given by PCD Pharma Company to any individual or organization to carry out business activity using their name, brand, product, trademark etc on behalf of pharma company. It is also known as PCD marketing on monopoly basis. For providing franchise opportunity each company has different terms, conditions and procedures. For example some companies provide franchise on state wise or zone wise but most pharma companies prefers to give pharma franchise on district, city or area wise.

If you want to work with any PCD Company as a pharma franchise in your area than you need to choose different molecules that you can market in your area than make list of 3-4 reputed PCD Pharma Company and send your requirement via message or email to them. If you find suitable answer for query and your preferred area is vacant than ask them to send sample, product and price list along with all terms, conditions and procedure to join them. Finalize your deal and make mutual marketing agreement with them and start working with them. For starting your own pharma franchise, you must need good hold in market with required knowledge. You can start with minimum investment or with small amount of Rs. 15-20,000/- but first you need to make good relations with healthcare professionals in your targeted area.

There are number of advantages associated with this business. You can start with minimum investment and risk. You require minimum documentation such as GST number and Drug license number. These documents are enough for applying franchise of any pharma franchise company. Another advantage is you can start with any number of products. Even you can start with 1 or 2 products in starting. Here important thing is how much you can sell rather than how many products you are selling. You will start franchise of any PCD Company in your area, it is like launching new pharma company and you are the first person who is going to introduce about company and its products in your area. It is like establishing new brand in the mind of people and win their trust. It is your business and you have to expand it in your area by selling more and more pharma products. You can earn more by selling more and expanding more.

For successfully expanding pharma business in your area, PCD Companies providing many type of helps and inputs. Sometime they provide active sales and marketing support. They also provide many type of marketing tools such as visiting cards, diaries, MR Bags, glossaries, brochures, pads, calendars, reminder books, covers, pens, gift articles etc. which are helpful for branding in your targeted area. You must have knowledge about margins of all channel partner and income generated through business. Margins for stockiest and retailers is fixed and you have to do business as per this margin. It is approx 10 to 20% in many cases. You also need to know how to calculate pricing to stockist and retailer and your margin. It is not difficult you can learn easily.

 Pharma franchise is like partnership between franchise and franchiser, both are dependent like pharma companies are dependent on their franchise for selling pharma products similarly franchisees are dependent on company for regular supply of essential drugs to them. Pharma franchise system is one of the best and secure business system because both the parties will share more benefits and minimum risk and costing. In this business model PCD Pharma Companies save their marketing and sales expense by appointing franchisees, similarly pharma franchisees save their office, branding, packaging, marketing and admin cost by associating with PCD Company.

Basic things are simple as you appoint franchise for area specific operation and he will do marketing for your company as its own pharma business. Cost of manufacturing is same for both PCD marketing company and ethical marketing company but ethical marketing company add all cost of manufacturing, marketing, branding, distribution, supply, employee and other taxes in the cost of medicine including their margin. Where PCD marketing company do not require direct marketing so there marketing cost is minimum. They only market their product to franchise companies and help in sales promotion. They only add their profit margin in the cost of manufacturing and supply to franchisees. It is known as net rate of medicine. Franchisees are appointed for particular city or area and they have strong hold their. They market this product in their area and sell products at stockiest rate after adding their cost and profit margin.

It is most successful and low risk business module but in current time, competition is increasing in this segment. There are many new pharma companies are entering in market with this concept. So is advisable that before choosing any Pharma Franchise Company, you need to be careful and do proper home work before investing your hardcore money because your time, career, reputation, future etc. is also be associating with your selection.

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