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Posted by rohny01 on October 4th, 2019

Environmental pollution is caused by plastic or plastic packing that derivative is a painful reality. Everyone knows what a disaster for the environment plastic bags are, but reusable shopping bags can even organic bags. Campaign against plastic bag in many countries around the world have consequences in the worst problem in the future. Duru bag is a company which is trying to offer you the best and high quality service at the reasonable prices. Duru Bag Company manufacture fully eco-friendly cloth bags using the latest technology.

Are cloth bags better than plastic?

Cloth bags are environmentally better than plastic bags, because cloth bags are made of material like cotton and jute. These are extensively reusable, recyclable even, and when finally disposed of, are completely biodegradable. This makes them extremely safe and healthy for the environment. Plastic bags are reusable to an extent, but are not recyclable and are definitely not biodegradable. Instead they clog up drain and landfills, and make the already bad stage of garbage disposal in our country even worse. So, it’s easy to conclude that cloth bagsare definitely environmentally better than plastic bags. After the implementation of the plastic ban, a reusable bag is the best option. 

Buy Cloths bags online at Duru bag

The company offers an array of varieties of cloth bags,differing in prices and quality such as small and large bez çanta, cotton shopping bags, plain cotton bags, and cloth grocery bags. The conventional plastic bags are made from a polymer called propylene which is non-degradable. It doesn’t decompose for years causing a substantial environmental impact. On the other hand cloth bags are made up of renewable natural fibers making them eco-friendly. We know that our customers care not only about how their bags look, but also about how they are made. We also know that our customers want the best price and the fastest delivery time, our workers work in a very ethical manners.

All the items available at online store, and also in affordable prices, and the cost rightly appropriates the quality the usability of the product. In Duru online store cloth bags are available in different varieties, colors, sizes, and cost. Our bags are stitched well and are capable of holding descent weight, since the cloth bags are reusable, branding over the cloth bags work is beneficial as people will reuse the bag multiple times. This mission is quite simple we love to find a high quality solution for everyone, the quality of the service we offer has always remained the same. So, we are passionate about what we do and are committed to making bags beautiful.    

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