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Ayurvedic doctors in Melbourne

Posted by Ayurways on October 5th, 2019

The Vedic texts date back to 3,000 BC and are tangible evidence that medicine did exist in ancient times and that it was quite advanced. The first "plastic" surgeries are written about as well as other branches of medicine.

That means that in Ayurveda we consider the Mind, the Body and the Spirit of an individual. Many times a disease can be in the mind as well as the body and Ayurveda recognizes this as they determine the constitution of an individual. Many times an illness will culminate in the mind and the mind is such a powerful thing that the illness will eventually manifest in the body and that is called disease. Disease is the absence of "ease". Ease is a healthy place to be, everyone wants to be at ease. ayurvedic doctors in melbourne

Because Ayurveda considers the Mind, the Body and the Spirit of an individual, it focuses on a natural way of being. All things on this planet have varying degrees of the 5 elements which are space, air, fire, water and earth. Even our bodies are made up of these 5 elements and that is why nature resonates so well with our bodies. That is also the reason that synthetic drugs lose their effectiveness after time, it is because they do not have those 5 elements and without that they cannot be truly effective in creating health, in many cases they just help with the symptoms and even at times will mask them, and however that is not a cure.

Who is our health most important to? Our health is most important to our self first and then our loved ones and the people who depend on us. Many times we feel that our doctor is looking at our health as a business and it is a business, it's the business of being a Doctor. I don't mean it is their personal business; it is a money-making business. Who do you want to be responsible for your well-being, yours or a business’s? Doctors have their place and that is when you get sick, so what they practice is "sickness" and how to deal with it. When you put your health in your own hands you have a vested interest and you have no gain by being sick. The best policy is to take the best possible care that you can of yourself and avoid illness. This responsibility belongs to us, nobody is going to watch out for your health quite the way that you will. ayurvedic clinic melbourne

The miracle of nature does not have a price tag on it. How much is a life worth? In modern medicine they say it is worth ,000 a year and I wonder how they arrived at that number when many medical treatments cost more than that in a month. I think that life is PRICELESS and so does Ayurveda. If we treat our self right by proper nutrition, exercise, positive thinking and paying attention to what we see, touch, taste, hear, smell and feel then we will be in perfect health. There are no injections in Ayurveda so medications are all natural, directly from nature and delivered in natural ways. Food and herbs are natural, cost-effective and have a great impact on your health.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word and can be better understood if the word is broken down to its basic terms. The term Ayurveda is derived from root words Ayush and Veda, which mean life and science or knowledge respectively. Today it is classified as CAM or Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the Western world, but the history of this practice goes back to the Vedic times in India. The Vedic Age was the time period between the 1st Century BCE and the 6th Century BCE. This was the period during which the Vedas were written; these were chronicles of knowledge of every kind, covering every field of study. So the Vedas are sacred texts of science and knowledge, and Ayush-Veda is the science and knowledge of life, i.e. medicine. Ayurways ayurveda clinic

Ayurvedic practices deal only with natural herbs and concoctions made from medicinal plants found in nature. There are no chemicals used and everything is derived from what is naturally available. This is supposed to have been one practice which had cures remedies for all kinds of diseases and included surgical procedures as well, unlike homoeopathy which does not deal with surgery at all. Ayurveda is based in the metaphysics of the five elements that comprise the universe and the human body itself - earth, fire, air, water and ether. It aims to achieve a state of balance in the body. It is believed that any disease is caused by an imbalance of substances in the body, and Ayurveda aims at rectifying any such imbalances.

The texts of Ayurveda can be traced back to the Vedas, as mentioned before, the Atharvaveda in particular. Dhanvantari is known as the God of Ayurveda, and is worshipped as the God of Medicine in India to date. Two other texts that have contributed immensely to the knowledge of Ayurveda are Sushrutha Samhita and Charaka Samhita, Sushrutha and Charaka being two famous practitioners in ancient India.

As far as effectiveness of this form of medicine is concerned, there are mixed views as people want to see immediate results. As time has progressed, new diseases have developed and new practices of fighting them have evolved. Ayurveda continues to be the preferred choice of treatment amongst many, especially in India, but there are many concerns surrounding it, including adulteration of packaged medicines, reliability of practitioners etc. However, it has been so popular a form of treatment, every Indian household uses basic Ayurveda almost everyday, especially for discomforts like the common cold, stomach infections etc.

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