Tips on how to get rid of the disturbing smell from the washing machine:

Posted by markwahlbarg on October 5th, 2019

Freshly laundered laundry should also smell the same way: fresh. If it does not do that or even spits it out, the washing machine might need cleaning.

Following are the tips suggested by New York Laundry on how to get rid of the disturbing smell from the washing machine.

1st wash at high temperatures:

If you wash your laundry only in the low-temperature range of 20, 30 or 40 degrees, a biofilm can form inside the machine in which bacteria and fungi live. Then it can smell stuffy and stale out of the machine.

2. Clean the door rubber of the washing machine:

As a further measure against stench from the washing machine, you can clean and dry the bull's-eye rubber now and then - preferably after each wash. In the fold of the door, rubber accumulates with every wash moisture and washing residues, the germs and bacteria provide an ideal breeding ground.

If you push the crease back in the rubber and notice a greasy surface, you should remove it with a rag.

The outside of the machine can be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and a soft cloth, so the door of the filling opening is cleaned from the outside and the inside. Dust and detergent from the grooves of the control panel remove toothpicks.

To prevent the flooring from forming, it is important to leave the door open after washing. Then the residual moisture can escape from the entire interior. The germs are thus deprived of the moist environment in which they feel most comfortable.

Tip: Also check after each wash, whether in the rubber seal around the filler opening paper tissues, coins or paper clips from your pants pockets have accumulated. Such items can damage the rubber and must, therefore, be removed after each wash.

3. Clean the lint filter of the washing machine:

Another possible source of the unpleasant fragrance is the lint filter. The screen usually hides behind a small door in the right or bottom left corner of the washing machine and picks up the textile fibers that separate from the clothes when washing. If it is not cleaned regularly, mildew can form on the wet lint. The foul odor emanating from it remains in the laundry.

4. Clean the washing compartment of the washing machine:

Also in the dispenser can mushrooms or bacteria spread over time and form after some time slimy or black layers. For cleaning, first, release the latch and then pull out the whole compartment. The lock is usually not difficult to find - often just press on a specific, designated place. If in doubt, you should look in the manual. And still you cannot get it, the best option is to use New York Laundry.

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