Madden 20: New X-Factor scenarios for franchise mode

Posted by freemexy on October 5th, 2019

In the past, we have written about the lack of focus on Franchise mode in Madden. It seems like EA Sports have been listening, at least a little, with the latest title update for madden 20 coins.

We are blessed to live in a gaming world where games can be continually improved after the point of release. Whilst there is a general admission this is a good version of Madden and improvement on recent iterations, there have been some issues with stability and the continual call out from franchise players about the lack of development in favor of MUT.

The update came out today with an announcement and we can see some strong progress on the quality of Gameplay and depth to Franchise mode. The headlines are;EA Sport have committed to a full revamp of the Franchise News system. This is where other games series like NBA 2k are way ahead. Continually have dynamic interactions from the game generates an immersive experience. The Madden experience so far is shallow. There are only a handful of scenarios, and these aren’t always triggered at the right times, when you’ve seen the same one 5 times they lose appeal.

With this update there will be reactions to big games in Franchise, as well as increased new game day stories and challenges. Also, generated rookies will have chances to earn and equip new abilities based on these scenarios and performances. They have also updated the triggers for any ‘frustrated player’ stories.

This is just the first steps, but the intent from EA Sports is overdue and the Franchise community has to be happy its finally on the agenda.A raft of new X-Factor breakout scenarios have been added as game day scenarios. Your standard superstar players will periodically appear with the chance of becoming Superstar X-Factor players based on performance in a make or break game.

This is only applicable when choosing Coach mode in Franchise and covers the following positions;Linebackers will also have the same applicable for Star to Superstar. It is a mystery why it is restricted to these positions, but we would expect future updates to cover other positions and again it’s a good step in the right direction.want know more fut coins news Read More

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