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Tips to use the charcoal blackhead mask

Posted by blaqco on October 5th, 2019

There is a wide variety of skin-care products such as cleansing, exfoliating, moisturization, etc. Out of a lot of skin problems, the most common is Blackheads. These are caused by the clogged material which oxidizes and turns darker in color when the pores are accumulated with excess dirt, dead skin cells, and oil. These blackheads are easy to remove and prevent with the help of blackhead removal masks, cleansers. DIY scrubs have taken over the skin-care industry.


The blackhead removal masks with charcoal are the best because charcoal has the ability to absorb or bind the toxins. The feature of “active charcoal” cleanses the pores and absorbs excess oil, impurities, and results in healthy, smooth and clean skin.


STEP 1: Select a quality charcoal mask

A well-known charcoal mask brand without superglue will prove to be more effective while being less harmful to the skin.

STEP 2: Check for any skin reaction

Checking the mask mixture before applying on the wrist or elbow first proves to be a check for any signs of allergic reactions like redness, swelling, itchiness, etc.

STEP 3: Cleanse and Exfoliate

To remove the dead skin and dirt from the surface one should use a mild face wash without sulfate. It shall open the pores and allow the exfoliating scrub does wonders.3

STEP 4: Apply the mask

Apply the mixture with a wide foundation blush or fingertips evenly over the face avoiding areas under the eyes, lips and sensitive parts.

STEP 5: Wait it out!

The mask has to be kept on for 7 to 10 minutes until the skin feels tightened enough. If any itchiness or pain is experienced then the mask should be removed immediately.

STEP 6: Remove the mask

It should be slowly peeled from the face starting either from the side of the face or starting from the chin and then moving on to peel it from the forehead.

STEP 7: Wash and moisturize

Wash the face entirely and apply a face cream or moisturizer according to your skin type.


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