Middle East Private Label Food and Beverages Market: Facts, Figures and Analytic

Posted by Nikita Manwar on October 5th, 2019

GMI Research has published a new study titled “Middle East Private Label Food and Beverages Market by Product Category (Frozen Foods, Instant Foods, Beverages, Others), by Selling Medium (Online, Offline {Supermarkets, Conventional Stores, Others}), by Geography – Opportunities and Forecast, 2018-2025”, which orates the future prospects set to strike the Middle East Private Label Food and Beverages Market during the forecast period.

Private label products are the ones that are manufactured under a company’s name, but are marketed and sold under another brand’s name i.e. generally the retailer’s brand name. If the products are sold under the name of only one retailer’s brand name, it can also be referred to as a store brand. The private brands are on the path of deep market penetration with a lot of diversity in the product offerings. The seller is solely responsible for the packaging and branding of the product. With many indigenous, local and independent players trying to enter the food and beverages market, this concept has been adopted widely now a days. This kind of brands either position themselves as a low-cost alternative for the present brands or are placed in a premium segment with a little higher price category.

The major driver for the growth of private label food and beverages market is the cost difference between them and the already established autocracy of the age-old brands in the market. Though some of the private labels are placed in the premium brand segment, the marketing for those private labels is done on the basis of the fact that they provide superior and more nutritious food products and beverages as they are not profit oriented. In addition, the private labels acceptance by the people is driven by their freshness, especially in case of products like dairy, meat, poultry etc. Moreover, the retailers play a pivotal role in convincing the consumers of the above stated facts to the consumer along with giving these products the best visibility in the store. Rising consumer awareness regarding the quality of a product rather than its brand has also been an impactful factor for the upward swirl in the sales of middle east private label food and beverages market. Further, the private labels have focused more on the “on-the-go” food products more and are relying heavily on the online platforms for selling their products. This is another driver that has helped these food products to compete with the regular food and beverage brands in the conventional stores.

Various notable players in the market includes Gulfood Manufacturing, Walmart, Aeon, Wesfarmers, Seven and iHoldings, Woolworths, Dufood and Cargill Inc. among others.

The Middle East Private Label Food and Beverages Market has been segmented by Product category, by Selling Medium and key geographies. Based on Product category the market comprises of frozen foods, instant foods, beverages and others. The research report “Middle East private label food and beverages market” provides in-depth analysis of the middle east private label food and beverages market based on Product category, selling medium and major geographies for the forecast period from 2018 to 2025. The report also highlights the major market drivers propelling the growth as well as challenges faced by market participants. The research report provides market size and forecast for the middle east private label food and beverages market. In addition, the report also analyses the competitive landscape, major players and their strategies in 2018. The competitive landscape section of the report captures and highlights the recent developments in the market.

Key questions answered in this research report:
1- At what pace is middle east private label food and beverages market growing? What will be growth trend in future?
2- What are the key drivers and restraints in the current market? What will be the impact of drivers and restraints in the future?
3- What are the regional revenue and forecast breakdowns? Which are the major regional revenue pockets for growth in the middle east private label food and beverages market?
4- What are the various application areas and how they are poised to grow?

Request for Customization – https://www.gmiresearch.com/report/middle-east-private-label-food-and-beverages-market/request-for-customization

Market Segmentation
• By Product Category
• Frozen Foods
• Instant Foods
• Beverages
• Others

• By Selling Medium
• Online
• Offline
• Super Markets
• Conventional Stores
• Others

• By Geography
• GCC Countries
As part of customization
• By Product Category
• By Selling Medium
• Bahrain
• Kuwait
• Oman
• Qatar
• Saudi Arabia
• Israel

As part of customization
• By Product Category
• By Selling Medium
• Others

As part of customization
• By Product Category
• By Selling Medium
• Iran
• Iraq
• Turkey
• Egypt
• Cyprus
• Syria

Leading Market Players
• Gulfood Manufacturing
• Walmart
• Aeon
• Wesfarmers
• Seven
• iHoldings
• Woolworths
• Dufood
• Cargill Inc.

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