Things done by professional carpet cleaners during carpet cleaning

Posted by elain martell on October 7th, 2019

You definitely know that you will be needing to take up professional carpet cleaning Southend on Sea service for your homes. But, have you ever wondered how do the professionals of carpet cleaning service do their job? 

Well, you need to keep knowledge about it so that you don’t get yourself the service of any unprofessional carpet cleaning company. hence, to enlighten you, all the procedure has been listed down below. 

  1. Preparation of the room: 

The belongings such as the furnishers are surely very important and they should be kept safe so that they don’t get any sort of scratches or dents on themselves. Hence, large furniture will be moved out. Also, for safety reasons, the carpet cleaners will definitely ask you to keep expensive things safely before they arrive. 

  1. Vacuuming: 

After the furnishings have been moved out at a safe place the carpet will then be vacuumed by the cleaners using a powerful and high-quality vacuum cleaner so that you don’t get to notice any spec of dirt particles. 

  1. Treatment: 

You carpet will be treated using solutions according to the type of fabric your carpet is made of and also according to the stains that your carpet has. They will be taking quite a lot of time during this process. 

  1. Pre-spray:  

To furthermore make sure that there is not even a bit of hidden dirt left in the carpet, the carpet will be sprayed for a further breakdown of dirt. 

  1. Hot water extraction: 

Using a very powerful machine that can provide heating temperatures of up to 110C, the hot water is applied with high pressure on the fibers of the carpet. This is done to kill microorganisms like fungi and bacteria, as they cannot stand high heat. 

And then immediately after the hot steam is applied it will be extracted off the carpet using a powerful vacuum cleaner. These things are done quickly altogether so that the inner base of the carpet does not get damp, because if that happens the time required for drying will be lengthy. 

  1. Drying: 

Using a powerful air mover, the carpet is dried up. The speed of the air mover is very high so that it allows the drying time to be as quick as possible.

  1. Putting the furnishings back into their designated places: 

The furnishings will then be set up back into their designated places but this time they will be set on foil tabs. This is done to prevent any sort of moisture present in the carpet causing the stains from furniture to leech. Stain leeching can cause the carpet to get destroyed and all the hard work will go into vain. 


To sum up, after reading the whole guide you have surely been enlightened regarding what carpet cleaners of carpet cleaning Southend on Sea service do. Getting to know all the steps is extremely essential because this will help you to get the job done from them in an efficient way.

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