Should You Buy Black Tungsten Rings and Their Variations?

Posted by freemexy on October 7th, 2019

Over the last few years, more people have come to appreciate the distinctive style of black rings. Whereas silver and gold rings have a classic look, black tungsten wedding rings are bold and modern. Plus, the black color never goes out of style and goes with tungsten rings

When it comes to wedding bands, style is important, but durability is key. Some people prefer the lightness of ceramic rings. However, other people prefer a metal material for the ring they’ll wear forever. Tungsten is one of the toughest materials available, second only to diamond. This means that tungsten rings are significantly more durable and tougher than gold for example.
To achieve the intense finish of black tungsten wedding rings, jewelers use a special plating technique called PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition. This process involves the application of a titanium alloy on the tungsten. By shooting the atomic particles at incredibly high speeds, jewelers can create a durable coating on the surface of tungsten rings. PVD plating is also used in the luxury watch industry, to apply colored finishes like black, blue, or rose gold onto other materials. Even though PVD plating is significantly more durable than traditional finishes, it still doesn’t match the incredible scratch-resistance of silver tungsten. However, with a bit of care, black tungsten wedding rings will look beautiful for a long time. They can also be re-plated when needed.
The vast majority of gold or silver wedding rings are simple, especially when it comes to more traditional designs. This was also the case with the first tungsten rings. Even if it has been used for years now in jewelry manufacturing, tungsten is a relatively new material in the industry. After all, gold, silver, and even wood have been used for thousands of years to craft jewelry.

In recent years, tungsten has continuously grown in popularity, with no signs of stopping. With this growth in demand, tungsten ring designs have also become more creative and widespread. As jewelers explore the combination of different materials, black tungsten wedding bands have begun to rival other materials when it comes to available styles.

Available designs include everything from black and gold wedding bands to black tungsten rings with diamonds. Natural inlays like wood, opal, and mother of pearl also provide a creative way to make these rings extra special and unique. Even a simple combination of silver and black tungsten can create a striking visual effect. Regardless of style, most of these rings are available for both men and women, so couples can order matching black tungsten wedding bands.
Old meets new in black and gold mens wedding band designs. Contemporary and glamorous, these rings look incredibly elegant. The contrast between black tungsten and bright yellow gold plating enhances the intensity of both colors.
If you want to buy a black and gold mens wedding band, you’ll have a good range of styles to choose from. Designs include rings with beveled gold edges and brushed matte black centers as well as black rings with a single gold groove on the center. In many cases, you’ll find rings that feature polished and matte surfaces in the same design. Generally, black and gold mens wedding band styles are more exclusive and rare than rings with inlays.Black and silver mens wedding band styles are more subtle than black and gold rings, but they still create a bold contrast between the two materials and their colors. These rings usually feature polished silver plating. This gives a beautiful sheen to the ring and highlights the intensity of black tungsten further.
As for style, you can find a wide range of black and silver mens wedding band designs. Apart from elegant matte brushed black tungsten rings with polished silver edges, you can also choose a black tungsten wedding band with silver stripes and an authentic abalone inlay. Or a black ring with a silver groove on the center. More intricate designs are also available. For example, a black tungsten wedding band with a silver Celtic dragon pattern.

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