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VPN for travelers cannot be missed

Posted by freemexy on October 7th, 2019

VPN for travelers cannot be missed
Traveling is in our blood. Today, we are not just using the Internet plan and book trips, but also on our destination, we’re only too happy to use the world wide web. However, the Internet is full of dangers on which hackers can get to your personal information. Using a VPN or Virtual Private Network has therefore become unmissable software for travelers.
Public free Wi-Fi
Anyone who has traveled a lot will have undoubtedly be guilty of the following: using the free Wi-Fi in the airport, hotel or at a local restaurant. However, these public connections are often unsecured and thus an ideal way for hackers to steal your personal information and passwords. However, with the software of a Virtual Private Network you can now also use these free hotspots to create a secure connection through the server of the provider.
Secure payment
Who travels for a long period of time might occasionally need to use mobile banking to make a payment. Enter your payment information over a public network may not be the smartest thing you can do, but you have no choice, right? If you do need to make payments via the unsecured networks of a hotel, airports or other hotspots, you better do so by securing your connection with the software of a Virtual Private Network.
Blocked websites
Those who travel will firsthand probably already have experienced the strict laws of certain countries with respect to the Internet. Countries such as Turkey, China, Iran or North Korea block websites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, but also YouTube and others are websites which are often blocked in some countries. These geographical blocks do not always have to prevent you from submitting your photos or from contacting the home front via WhatsApp or Skype. Using a virtual private network allows you to create a secure connection through a server located in a country of your choice. By choosing a server in, let’s say, the Netherlands or in the US, you bypass the current strict geographical regulations of the country in which you are traveling.

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