How to Choose the Right Cigar for You?

Posted by Carla Bruni on October 7th, 2019

Based on the following aspects you can choose the right cigar for you 


Based on the body of the cigars there are cigars in a light color and also dark and in some cigars, the stuffing that is the tobacco will be in the middle. The beer drinkers know the selection of the cigars as the dark stouts prefer dark cigars and the people undergoing light beers would like only the mellow stogies.


The cigars are of two shapes the one is figurados and the other is Parejos. The aparejos are the classical one and most of the cigars are of this type. Figurados are bullet type and have a sharp point at the end. But there will not be any difference between these two types of cigars and we can choose any one of these types. 


The size will not make the cigar stronger or better. The cigars can be measured in inches, length, and width. The width is called gauge and it is measured as 64ths of an inch. The length of the cigars shows the duration of smoking. 


If the personal preferences are satisfied then the quality should be checked. The quality of the cigars a be checked as follows

  • The cigars can be judged as good quality by its wrapper. The gaps and tears should not be there and it should be smooth.
  • The cigars should not have any differences in colors as dark in one place and light in others. The high-quality cigar should have uniformity in color
  • The cigars should not be dry if you buy them squeeze gently and it should be strong. 

Ranking of cigars: 

As all the things have ratings the cigars have the ratings. The first most cigars are aficionado and it ranks 1-100. The rankings 70-79 is described as average good, 80-89 is excellent, 90-94 is outstanding, 95-100 is classic. From this, we can choose high-quality cigars and the white Russian game leaf is one of the high-quality cigars. 


First, if you enter into the cigar shop there are thousands and thousands of varieties available. And based on the preferences and quality we should choose the right one. After that, the cigars should be checked and inspected. We can roll the cigars between our fingers to check whether there are any empty spaces and bumps. Then the quality of the tobacco should be inspected and it is impossible to check because it is in the build we can verify the ratings. High the ratings high will be the quality of the cigars. Of all the cigars the white Russian game leaf is the best and it consists of the preferences of the people and also a good quality cigar.


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