The Joys of Discounted Baby Shopping

Posted by Rubina Parveen on October 7th, 2019

Parents raising their first newborns usually feel like they’re lost in a forest. They’ve undertaken a journey where all the turns haven’t been explained previously, and where new surprises are just waiting to pop up. Though couples usually catch on to the swing of things, every event leading up to that moment  is possible the hardest they’ve ever faced. It is also not a cheap thing to do. From healthcare to food to clothing, buying everything in mini size ironically costs a lot. This is where Mamas and Papas Discount  Codes from Barakatalan come to the rescue.


Below are some pointers and guides for parents going on an adventure with their newborns. 

After the birth

For first time mothers, birth is something no one could have prepared you for. No matter how many google searches were made, every person is different, making their experience also unique. After the birth, you’re left to take care of both yourself and your new baby, and mothers will obviously prioritize the latter. Therefore, get someone to help you get accustomed to your body after birth. Talk to experts, like nurses or professional doulas. Mamas and Papas give you life-saving advice on things like nursing, bathing or changing clothes & diapers of your child. 

Parent-Child bond

The unbreakable bond that is formed by carrying and delivering a child only strengthens after its birth. The first couple days after birth is when the emotional connect between the two entities are formed. Activities like cuddling and nursing is what sets this connect in stone. For an easier nursing experience, get nursing tools with Mamas and Papas discount code for extra savings that you could use elsewhere.


Designing the nursery

This is something a lot of parents like to partake in as a shared experience. Designing and furnishing your child's first room is a thrilling experience and one that holds a lot of responsibility. You need to buy the best and the safest furniture like cribs and changing tables. You can try and get this out of the way as soon as possible, since the more you near your due date, the harder it will be to put your mind to this. Use mamas and Papas UAE promo code from barakatalan, and take advantage of their assembly service to put your baby furniture in its place. 

Buying clothes for the baby

A baby, that's just out of the womb usually has extremely sensitive skin. Therefore, they require extremely soft clothes that aren't heavily dyed and are good for the skin. Baby clothes also need to keep the baby warm, since no matter how hot the room temperature is, babies generally have to be kept warm. This is because they are just acclimating themselves to the outside world, and they're used to the temperature inside their mothers. Buy only the best clothes for your newborns, and buy it at Mamas and Papas

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