What to Expect When Vaping for the First Time

Posted by Amos Fred on October 7th, 2019

If you’re a smoker and you’re looking for ways to reduce the amount of nicotine you take into your lungs every day, give vaping a try. If you’re making the switch for the first time, though, it’s good to know a bit of what the experience is like.

Know the Safety Regulations

These days, the existing laws and safety regulations on vaping devices mean that you can’t just whip out your vape pen in public while you’re on your morning commute. You may even need to pay higher taxes or be faced with a ban on some of your favorite e-liquid flavors sooner or later, The New York Times says. Check in to see what’s new about bans and vaping restrictions in your state. It helps to know the law, even if you only intend to vape at home or in your car.

Does It Help?

Advice from the Public Health England or PHE says that e-cigarettes still offer a fraction of the risk that comes with smoking traditional cigarettes, the CNN Health notes. While some try to quit their addiction to smoking by relying on willpower alone, vaping is a tool you can use toachieve successful results.

Pick Your Device

If you're all caught up on the news, time to get a vaping device. Do you want to vape e-juice? Or are you looking forward to using dry herbs or concentrates? Your choice will determine whether you pick a vaporizer pen, shop for Pods or go for MODs. Pens are commonly slim, and some even look like traditional cigarettes. Also called e-liquid vape pens, they’re easy to use and bring along. However, they’re not ideal for long sessions since many of the products can’t hold as much of the liquid. Pod systems, on the other hand, last you longer, especially since you can refill many designs with the same e-juice as much as five times. MODs are ideal for vapers who want a personalized device. MOD stands for “modified” device.

Shop for E-Juice

Once you have a vaping device, you’ll need to shop for e-liquids which give flavor to your vaping experience. If you’re not quite sure what the best e-liquid is, research. Start by checking out popular options like sweet blends, fruity combinations, and even menthol options. Think about the flavors that you love and go from there.

Consider Nicotine Levels

When you pick an e-juice, check the nicotine strength of the e-juices. If you are trying to transition from being a heavy smoker to a moderate or even an occasional one, then go for options that contain low to moderate levels of nicotine. If you want to quit, use e-juices with lower nicotine levels until it lessens the cravings and helps you quit finally. It’s not going to happen overnight, though, so don’t switch to vaping, thinking that it will help you quit smoking automatically.

Know the PG-VG Ratio

Try it out with a 50/50 ratio and adjust until you find the right mix. Most vendors, though, offer blends with higher concentrations of VG juice. Determine if those levels are perfect for you.

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