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Classification and application of ribbon machine

Posted by ribbonmart on October 8th, 2019

The ribbon machine is a device for making a strip or tubular fabric from various yarns. The types of ribbon machines include a shuttle belt weaving machine, a high-speed shuttleless ribbon machine, a computer jacquard weaving machine, a knitting ribbon machine, a knitting machine, a computer trademark machine, and the like.

High-speed shuttleless ribbon weaving machine: It is a new type of weaving shuttleless ribbon weaving machine. It can produce all kinds of elastic and inelastic ribbon according to user requirements. For example: laces, ribbons, bust ribbon, etc., and can be combined with the needs of the above various types of ribbon, plus automatic feeding, delivery devices and other accessories, can also be converted into high-speed jacquard ribbon machine, expand a machine Multi-purpose features. It has the advantages of high speed, low noise, stable quality, high efficiency and long service life.

Computer Jacquard Ribbon Machine: It is a kind of ribbon machine that can weave more complicated jacquard ribbon by computerized flower pattern control system. Like English letters, Chinese characters, cartoon patterns and small patterns, it is easy to get the required patterns and organization, so that the variety of fabrics is varied and the production efficiency is doubled. This machine is suitable for all kinds of elastic and non-elastic jacquard narrow fabrics. It is mainly used for decorative ribbon, garment straps, seat belts on car airplanes, backpack ribbon, and some sports equipment, packaging industry, etc. Class products.

Knitting Ribbon Machine: It is a weaving machine using knitting method. It is suitable for various fibers such as spandex, chemical fiber filament, low elastic yarn, acrylic blended yarn and natural fiber yarn. Can be woven sportswear and other clothing decorative ribbon, cylindrical fabrics and double-sided thread fabrics, medical elastic bandages, jacquard long-haired women's socks, bandages, small bags and so on.

Computer trademark machine: It is a branch of high-speed belt type machine, which is basically consistent with the structure, performance and principle of the electronic jacquard weaving machine. The fabrics produced are relatively narrow, but from the perspective of the fabric structure, the computer trademark machine is biased towards the weaving pattern.

All kinds of ribbon machines were invented following the needs of ribbon products. Each ribbon machine is specially used for the production of certain products. Moreover, with the diversification of products, the ribbon machine has also been modified, and the weaving process of the ribbon machinery has also been improved in accordance with the product style. In the good form of steady development of the ribbon industry, the application of ribbon machines is also advancing towards a path of diversification.

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