Some tips to improver your executive summary for next business proposal

Posted by therfpfirm on October 8th, 2019

If you have been doing business proposals for a while, you must know that the executive summary of your business proposal is very important. And, underestimating the importance of executive summary is the biggest mistake you are doing with your business proposals. There are many myths around the executive summaries. Do you think the executive summary is the introduction to your proposal? Well, it is not. Executive summary is the sales pitch of your business proposal.

Executive summaries are important and they are to be attached to your business proposals. The better the summary, the more are the chances of the business proposal to be read. This is the reason; the business proposal writers pay a great deal of attention while writing business proposals for their clients. Think of the summary as a standalone statement that will help the reader to create a summary of your business proposal and incorporate the same thoughts while reading the full proposal.
Thus, a business proposal should be stunning and attractive. Here are some tips that will help you to improve your executive summary in the format of business proposal:

Start with the problem statement. The problem statement should not be a problem only but this means that you start by stating why you are writing this proposal. This part will talk about the issues you are facing and explaining how your team is ready to face the issues in the future.

Next comes the solution to your problems. You need to create a small corner for the solutions that you think are right and how your team is ready to use these solutions and improving the business activities in the future. Further, you can mention how other people are going to be benefited from the solutions.

After the solutions, talk about the costs of the total project. You need to play very smart here. No matter how good your solutions are, if they are not fitting the budget of the reader, he or she will not move forward with the business proposal. You need to dive into the minds of the readers to come up with a negotiative price tag to your proposal.

You can close your executive summary by highlighting your key strengths, areas of expertise and your ability to deliver the solutions well in time.

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