Network Controller:

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Network Controller:

A Network Controller helps and assists with the Ethernet card?s ability to work, and helps the computers that have the ability to be ?servers? or have the ability to work on networks. More about a network controller, technical features of the Alienware M15x, and the reasons behind the network controller not working in AlienwareM15x is under the following points.

?  About a Network Controller

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About a Network Controller:

This is a hardware device, which handles an interface to a computer network, and then allows a network capable device to contact the network. The Network Controller contains a ROM chip, which has a number, the MAC (Media Access Control) Address, and this number is burned into it. This address identifies the device on the LAN.

A Network Controller is designed to enable computers to communicate over a computer network. It enables users to connect with each other either by wirelessly or by using cables. Furthermore, it is also necessary that the Ethernet network must have a card containing a unique MAC address.

Technical Features of Alienware M15x:

The Alienware M15x is a featured product by Dell?. It has various technical features, which differentiate this laptop from other laptops. This laptop is produced for gaming purpose. It has Genuine Windows? Vista? home premium installed in it. It has 4 GB dual channel 1333 MHz DDR3 SDRAM, and it comes with 500 GB hard drive. Its primary battery contains 9 cells, and it has incorporated stereo speakers. It has McAfee? security center, and it also has wireless 370 Bluetooth internal. It also has Wi-Fi link 5300. On the top of that it also has AlienFX? illuminated keyboard with it.

Network Controller not working:

There can be many reasons behind the Network Controller not working in the Dell? Alienware M15x. The Network Controller in your laptop may not be working due to a virus, which may have attacked to your machine.

Another reason behind the Network Controller not working is that the concerned driver may not be installed in your laptop or if it is installed then it may be outdated or requiring an updated driver.

Sometimes it happens that when you install Windows? XP, Network Controller stops working. If this happens then the better way is to contact the technical support of Dell?. There can also be a possibility that your Network Controller life has ended, and you need to replace it.


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