Water Purifier (Is There Anyone Who Still Calls Them That?)

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That said, let's move on to the price topic. Asking the prices of water purifiers is like asking for the price of cars, there are economic, others expensive and others still very expensive.

Some have low maintenance costs, others really cost an exaggeration. My first suggestion is to always avoid direct online purchases, whatever the portal that offers it. The motivation for my advice is very simple.

If you buy a rather complex and delicate product online as it can be a Water Purifier and then you have a malfunction, who will help you? If you call a company in the field of expert repair, you will need to drop at least € 60 for the technician's exit and about € 45 an hour for labor, without counting any spare parts (if they are available).

If you want to send the product back to those who sold it to you (in most cases the warranty is at the seller's premises), you will have to pay for the transport of a product that can weigh up to 30 kg and you will have to send it as a delicate product with insurance (because as we treat the goods we all know the couriers) Idem for the return at your home.

So, unless you want to spend the day packing goods and having trouble with the couriers, I would have been you I would avoid buying this kind of products online.

What Are The Prices For Water Purifiers, If Purchased From Experienced Companies In The Sector?

I, for expert companies in the sector, mean companies that have at least the following characteristics:

  • Registered and operational office REAL
  • Offices, but more importantly a LABORATORY; the photos of the manufacturers' sheds are not valid
  • Specialized technicians with equipped vans; not worth the sellers who run around with four irons under the seat and not even the retired gentlemen who did the chores to round off. It is not out of malice, but we are talking about drinking water and water for cooking, if you do not have the necessary skills and the necessary equipment to work properly, you do more damage than anything else.
  • A telephone number to which one or more people actually answer to give support in case of need

This is the basis of a serious company, then the specialization and the degree of experts in the sector are acquired through experience in the field.

So we exclude companies that sell mattresses one day, stoves and water purifiers the day after.

If you want to buy from serious and expert companies, we can say in broad terms that you will not find a water purifier produced in Italy and of good quality below € 1500.00 (with installation included) obviously speaking of purifiers with a maximum of 2 waters (natural environment and natural cold), if we want to switch to purifiers with 3 waters (natural environment, natural cold and carbonated cold), we must already orient ourselves at prices from € 1950.00 to € 2400.00 (with installation included).

We omit the usual story of the purifier for free or at no cost, I leave you a very detailed article below to understand how this dirty commercial technique works.

Purifier for free?

We even decided to adopt this crazy rental technique, because I call it crazy I will explain it to you shortly. With the rental of the Zero Bottles System ™, we grant families a Water Purifier without asking to buy it and in return we receive an installment monthly rental (which varies depending on the model).

Those who rent a Zero Bottiglie ™ System Purifier, rent a quiet, in fact the rental includes:

  • Ordinary maintenance (which usually costs € 100 / € 150 per year)
  • Spare parts for repairs
  • Labor for repairs
  • Technician exits for maintenance and repairs

I told you that it is madness for us to choose to rent, that's why. The other companies that sell:

  • They collect the money for the sale -SUBITE
  • They collect the money for maintenance
  • Collect money for expensive repairsWe instead:
  • We take the monthly fee monthly by month
  • We do not collect money for maintenance
  • We do not collect money for repairs

But then why do we do it if it's such a crazy thing?

We take the money anyway, but we take it in a long time and the exchange is mutual. We provide continuous customer service and the customer pays a monthly rental fee.

We can afford to use such a formula, only because after more than 20 years of experience in the field, we know every little risk and we know how to move (something improvised people can't do).

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