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Best Grain to Feed Horses The Dos and Donts of Grainy Diet

Posted by HallwayFeeds on October 8th, 2019

Every horse has different needs for calories and the type of food to retain energy. Horses’ diet differs as per the energy levels they need to maintain. Horses that participate in racings or work as a keeper require more calories and nutrition than horses that remain passive most of the time.

Hence, to fulfill the equine’s dietary requirements, adding grains is necessary. Grains help in meeting the caloric needs easily along with hay, and so a grainy food should be a part of the diet too. 

Let’s get to know the best grain to feed horses and the amount of it-

Types of Grains to Feed Your Horse

When it comes to grains, Oats, Corn, Barley, Rye, and Rice, Bran can be considered. All of these grains differ in taste, nutritional value, and price. Grains get easily digested in a horse’s system, and it is best to opt for rolled, crimped, or cracked grains.

A horse owner can consider adding all these grains in the diet for the taste variety and let the horse enjoy something different from hay.

The Amount of the Grainy Feed to Provide Your Horse

Well, the exact amount of the grainy feed depends on several factors. The activity level, age, size, and caloric needs determine how much quantity of grain you should add. To be more precise about the caloric need, take measurement of your horse’s weight. You can buy the weight measurement tape and multiply the weight with. 03.

The one-third amount of the total food requirement of a horse will be the amount of grainy food. Also, you should start adding up grains in the diet slowly. Not every equine needs grains; do keep a check on the equine’s behavior from the time you start feeding him grains. The best horse feed can be bought from equine-specialized food stores or online as well from a reputed seller.

Take the help of an expert who will measure the overall height and weight of your horse. Further, based on different factors, he will be able to decide the overall food quantity you need to feed and the amount of grains that should be in the diet.

Do’s and Don’ts about the Grainy Diet


Start with feeding the least amount of grain

Keep changing the grains to make the diet exciting

Maintain consistency with grains

Also, prepare a time schedule to feed your horse

Determine the weight and caloric needs of your horse to partition the grainy needs


Never feed more than 5lbs of grain in one single feed

Grain should not be more than 50% part of the total food

Scoop size should not be followed blindly 


Start from a small dose of grains and maintain consistency in your equine’s diet. You can add half of a pound for a specific grain and keep replacing with other grains to ensure the variety. The best grain to feed horses can be purchased from any store or online platforms that avail quality and reliable equine food.

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