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Posted by limmzhou on October 9th, 2019

Great video - really cool watched it all the way through from start to finish. Considering that the best commentthis is the OSRS gold location I can ask a question that has bugged me forever - was a text-only variant of Runequest? I think it was Java, however, it was definitely text only. I had gone to spend in northern Ireland and my young cousin had been playing that game and introduced it and me. And I played with it while I was there and when I return to the US. I guess I have no idea what that other match was).

After watching Runescape, I understand I definitely played the Runequest I see here, however, it was several years after when I went back looking for the game I'd played but couldn't remember the name, but thought it was Runequest. What triggered my memory of that was visiting , in one the clips here in the stock of someone - and then the runes too.

I never did pvp b/c my charecters were not typically combat based - though I do remember I had one magic user of some sort which I leveled high enough that I could go out and kill pretty sized things from myself - I believe that char did rune crafting too though. That second time(* if the first was that ) I played would have been 2001 or even 2002. Played for a year or so before faculty got too busy to osrs best gold sites keep playing.

So it was neat to watch Runescape and determine how the game evolved since I last played in 2003 or so. I remember the title was never found by trying to return and find my account name to find out if it was still there if the very first version was going to be phased out, but couldn't. But really fond memories of Runescape back in school - spending ages banging rocks till they changed color hehe and trying to accelerate my fishing.

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