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Posted by Mens Personal Effects on October 9th, 2019

OTF automatic knife also known as Out-the-front automatic knife or sometimes switchblade knives are used roughly. It is used as a part of the people’s Everyday Carry items so these knives tend to be used for reasons such as cutting cheese, steak, or carving up a sharp wooden stick.

In this article, we will discuss how to clean and maintain the OTF automatic knife.

  1. Necessary Tools required to clean your OTF knife

    The most important step before cleaning your knife is making sure to arrange the required tools. It is necessary that regular tools should not be used as it can hamper the knife. Make sure to Google and purchase the suitable tools required to clean your switchblade knife.

  2. Discharge the blade

    Before cleaning it is important to let all the parts loose; discharge the blade carefully so that the whole knife. This will let the spring mechanism non-functional and make the blade safer to handle.

  3. Disassemble the knife

    Remove the components carefully from the inside and take out the spring and the metal plate setting them aside. Remove the blade and hold the rear back to remove the blade from the bottom casing carefully.

  4. Clean all the parts

    Remove all the junks and dust from the casing. It is advised to use a lint-free cloth that won’t leave fibers behind. Make sure to clean the blade and all other parts that have been removed.

  5. Lubricate the inner handle

    Use rust-free WD-40 and lightly spray the inside of the bottom and wipe away any excess with the same rag.

  6. Reassemble it!

Now that you have cleared the OTF automatic knife, its time to reassemble it. Begin with the blade and hold back the front hinge and slide the blade half down the bottom casing. After that comes the spring, locate the long-tip and apply it to the flat side of the metal plate and slide it into the groove until it snaps into the place.

Now that you know the tips of cleaning and maintaining OTF automatic knife, make sure to shop the best switchblade knives online at an affordable price that is durable.

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