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Posted by juliabennet on November 14th, 2011

The government and the education people are considered to be the least tech savvy of all people. However, modern governmental departments and education departments have woken up to the fact that they need to embrace technology in order to provide proper service to their stakeholders. In many countries today you find government service desk and education service desk – desks that are using technology to give their stakeholders updated information and ensuring that policies and processes are being followed.

The government of any country has the entire population of the country as their stakeholders. When people elect a government they have certain expectations from it. They want proper governance and they want information about all that is happening around citizen policies and procedures. The government works at all levels and it is very important for them to track their work. With technology in place through government service desk, this can be achieved easily.

Education systems on the other hand, have completely different set of challenges to take care of. There are scores of education institutes, teachers and students as their stakeholders. While education policies need to be taken care of, so are the demands of the teachers, students and education administrators. With education service desk in place, it becomes very easy for the education department to cater to all the demands of all the people associated with this department.

While there are multiple providers of government service desk and education service desk, one name that is worth considering for this kind of service management is Oxygen. Oxygen is a professional organization that aims to reach where ITIL has reached. As you may know, ITIL is one of the most admired companies when it comes to IT service management. When you work with Oxygen you get the same professional approach as you find in ITIL.

Some of the advantages of Oxygen when it comes to help desk or service desk include

A process automation engine to ensure that all processes are defined and mobilized and they are auditable and accountable.

Government service desk and education service desk from Oxygen have an SLA manager that allows better service within the given timeframe.

Oxygen, through multiple service desk and help desk, ensures services are shared and a better return on investment is got.

Government service desk and education service desk from Oxygen are totally web based. This means that these services can be accessed from anywhere and there is no need for infrastructure.

The report generation through government service desk and education service desk provided by Oxygen is very powerful. One can choose the kind of reports they want to see and present and these applications can be fully customized for them to be able to do so.

Government service desk and education service desk from Oxygen have a hassle free installation process.

The education service desk from Oxygen also has the e-warehouse facility where all education related documents can be stored and accessed.

Choose government service desk and education service desk from Oxygen and you will have a complete hassle free administration.

Buy the most advanced government service desk and education service desk and you can rest assured that managing these two complex departments will not be a headache.

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