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Posted by sophiamilller on November 14th, 2011

A Canadian jobcentre is something that will help you find the right job in Canada. It will see your fitment based on the current job openings and try to arrange an interview for you. After you are selected for one of the work in Canada jobs, the jobcentre is also supposed to help you with the paperwork so that you are able to enter Canada and work there legally. However, please bear in mind that you need to be extremely careful about choosing your Canadian jobcentre. There are some very good ones but there are also some very bad ones. And if you fall into the trap of the bad ones, God help you.

Let us see what some of the unprofessional jobcentres do for you regarding work in Canada jobs. They will have their database of job openings and they will shortlist some of these jobs based on your qualification and experience. They will then prepare your CV and send it to the relevant employers. And for this work they will charge you somewhere between CAD 500 to CAD 1,500. If your CV is not shortlisted for the interview, they will send your CV to another employer and charge you a further CAD 100 to CAD 500.

How does this affect you? It affects you because you don’t know what it is in your CV that no employer likes. You don’t know how long you can continue to pay the jobcentre for sending your CV for new job openings. You don’t know whether they are actually sending your CV to the employers or not. Very soon, you give up on the aspiration of landing one of the work in Canada jobs and get back to what you have been doing all this while. In the middle of all this you have probably been put back by a couple of thousand dollars.

A professional jobcentre, however, has a different approach to finding work in Canada jobs for you. They will charge you a one-time fee that is much less than what the scammers will ask for. They will create your profile and CV in the way Canadian employers like. They will create a personal webpage for you where they will keep on posting the latest job openings relevant to your experience and qualification. What you need to do is go through the job openings and apply for the jobs on your own. Since there is no middleman here you need not pay any commission and you will deal directly with the employers.

Once you have landed one of the work in Canada jobs, the same professional jobcentre will then help you with the visa and work permits. They will not charge you anything extra here apart from the visa fees. They, with their experience, will ensure that your papers are watertight and you have a smooth entry into Canada.

This is what you want from your jobcentre really. For the best work in Canada jobs you cannot but take their help.

Work in Canada jobs are all out there, waiting for you to pick them up. Use a professional jobcentre to find the right jobs for you and help you settle down in Canada.

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