Easy Leather Tips to Protect Your Leather Furniture

Posted by Sunny Hills Chem-Dry on October 9th, 2019

Having plush upholstery at home ensures high-level comfort and curated interiors, however, the present of kids and pets, frequent organizing of parties and access of dust, make it all filthy and stained at surface level and even to breathe in. Even if you have leather upholstery, it’s prone to receive dust and stains. Cleaning of delicate and expensive leather using harmful material may lead to damage it after a certain interval and hence Leather cleaningshould be done vigilantly. Leather usually experiences cuts, fading, scuffs, and scratches which are hard to treat.

Those who want to do it on their own can clean it using some of the homemade solutions that are effective to use. This includes

Baking Soda – To remove grease and oil stains

Procedure – Sprinkle it all around the stain, rub it thoroughly using a wet cloth, let it remain for there for 3-4 hours, wipe off the remnant using a fine and clean piece of cloth or a microfiber cloth. This will absorb the oil to make it look clean.  

Alcohol, Thinner or Nail Paint Remover

Stains are hard to treat, but with nail paint remover it is feasible. Dip a cotton ball into alcohol, or thinner and use it to rub on the stains. Once the stain disappears use a mild detergent or liquid dish soap solution mixed in warm water to clear it off. Swipe the remnant using a dry towel or cloth.

Lemon Extract

Lemon is a bleaching agent and can be sprayed over malevolent stains. Let it remain there for half an hour and use a dry muslin cloth to wipe it off.


Soil patches render a filthy appearance and can be treated using a concentrated paste, scrub your leather upholstery using toothpaste and give it a perfect clean. Wipe the toothpaste remains using a try cloth.

After cleaning it all and to give it a professional clean, apply leather conditioners. These conditioners contain sunscreen which can prevent fading and snapping of leather and also prevent any further accumulation of dust and prevent stains to make it perfect to use and flaunt.

Though using all these above-stated methods, you can get rid of all the dirt and stain but if it still persists approaching professional upholstery cleaning services would be the best option. Whether it holds residue build-up, oil stains, dirt, soil and any such thing which impacts its appearance, professionals can clean it all using fabric-friendly products for best results.

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