6 Space-saving Ideas for Your Tiny House Proper Space utilization is Important

Posted by Boss Tiny House on October 9th, 2019

A tiny house as the name suggests is a small space that can serve your purpose. When you build a tiny house make sure you utilize the space well without cluttering too much. Read this article to know more about space saving ideas.

So, are you considering building a tiny house on foundation or wheels? If so, you must be on the lookout for intelligent space-saving ideas because, in a tiny house, a few extra inches can make a huge difference. It is imperative that you make use of every inch sensibly so that you can make the most of the available space. BOSS’ team has compiled a list of clever storage types that you can use in your tiny house.


Shelves do not take up a lot of space and installing them, you can forget about mobility issues. Also, shelves are a fantastic option if you are on a tight budget. You can build, buy or salvage shelves cheaply and easily. For a DIY approach, you can build shelves using planks of wood, pallets or even skateboards. In fact, you can make shelves out of anything flat. You can also add dividers onto the shelves for more clever space usage.

Pallets, boxes or crates

If you want to give your tiny home a rustic look, reclaim scrap materials, such as pallets, crates and boxes. You can simply stack them or build drawers out of them using wood.

Hoosier cabinet

Hoosier cabinets are freestanding cupboards that are designed to store a large number of items. These cabinets include drawers, racks, cupboards and some of them also have flour sifters and such other tools. So, you can place this cabinet in your kitchen and store all the cooking essentials, as well as, other items of the house. These cabinets are brilliant for tiny houses as they come with so much space inside.

Under-shelf wire baskets

If you do plan to build shelves and cupboards in your tiny house, you will find that you are left with a lot of unused space, especially if your shelves or cupboards are at a height. In such cases, you can make use of the space by building an under-shelf wire basket. By building more storage options underneath the existing ones, you are making good use of the space without curbing the appeal.

Bars or racks on the ceiling

If you are not dividing your tiny house and creating an additional loft space and joining it with stairs or a ladder, the space between the ceiling and the floor is practically unused. You can creatively make use of that space. You can have rods or racks on the ceiling where you can hand your bicycle or such other items. This will not take up floor space and make your tiny house look creative.


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