Eight Essentials for After-School Art Programs for Teens

Posted by Spotivity on October 9th, 2019

Well run after school programs in Chicago have been transforming the lives of teens and making them more responsible, accountable and disciplined. However, as a parent, it may be difficult to choose the best program from the ones available. What goes into making a program suitable for your teen? Are there any specific signs or criteria that you should keep in mind? Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of good art programs for teens.

Fun atmosphere

The last thing any teen would want is to attend is an after-school class that is extremely serious and solemn. Classes should have a welcoming atmosphere, where teens can learn in fun and innovative ways. Especially in the after school hours – fun and engaged involvement lead to the best experimentation and generate the most creative ideas, whether it is music, painting, drawing, dance, creative writing or drama.


Before you pick an after school program in Chicago check to see if they have group activities. Group activities not only build confidence but help teens learn to work in teams, hear other ideas and experience group dynamics. This is particularly important for teens who have trouble with their peers in schools as new groups gives them a clean slate where they can start afresh. Interactive art classes are also useful as teens can get useful feedback and suggestions on how they can improve their art form. 

Age appropriate activities

While there are several programs in the area, choose one that specifically offers age appropriate art programs for teens. When you opt for an age appropriate activity, it not only encourages them to interact with their immediate peer group, but it will offer skills, training and techniques that are customized especially for them. 


When considering after school programs in Chicago, another important aspect is safety – both physical as well as emotional. It goes without saying that the physical space, equipment, method of instruction should all be conducive to teaching this age group. However, an equally important element is whether the teen is safe from bullying.

Professional assistance

Whether you want to enrol your teen for art programs in music, painting or drama, there should be a trained and professional instructor who is comfortable teaching teens. Check whether they have prior experience in this field and whether they are aware of the latest techniques and skills in that niche. Only a professional instructor will be able to bring out the best in your teen.

Practical skill building

When it comes to art programs for teens, theory needs to be complimented with practical and hands-on training. When teens get to experience the art form first-hand, they not only build an interest, but they learn a lot faster. Therefore, while theory is important to build a good foundation, the program also needs to have a practical element where they can experiment and have fun while learning.

Keeping these tips in mind will go a long way in helping you find the right after school art class for your teen.


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