How To Manage Your Cash Before And After A Game

Posted by Nishtha Sharma on October 9th, 2019

If one is playing casino games in Goa, the chances are good that they are going to be carrying large amounts of cash at some point. Whether before one plays or after is a matter of luck and skill but, either way, let’s discuss personal security and how to avoid getting rolled when one is away from the tables.

Truthfully, unless one advertise that they are carrying a lot of money, their chances of being mugged or picked are as rare as any other day.

Don’t Advertise

Assuming one is not trying to walk the streets of Goa with a million dollars in their backpack, the amount one stands to lose is limited to how much they can carry without being obvious. So, the first rule is to avoid an enormous amount in any of their pockets.

Remember how one dress reflects how much they might be worth to a would-be thief. If one is carrying cash, consider leaving the gold satin self-defenseshirt,  and diamond-encrusted Rolex unless one is staying on property at a secure location.

Avoid the Obvious

The most basic self-defence technique is to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unlicensed taxis, poorly lit parking lots, unfamiliar parts of town, dark alleys are usually bad places to be if one is carrying a lot of money or valuables.

Muggers and pickpockets are often amazed who and what drops into their lap in these places. 

Don’t follow strangers into unfamiliar places and avoid changing plans when one is suddenly loaded with cash.

Avoid Alcohol and Other Intoxicants

I know, it all seems obvious right now but add a few drinks, a handful of edibles, and a few tokens in the back of a stranger’s car and suddenly, one is in the emergency room wondering who’s got their cash and credit cards.

Drugs and alcohol impair judgement. If one chooses to carry cash before or after a game, make sure one bank it or put it in a safe place before they paint the town red.

Avoid Unplanned Gambling Ventures

Picking-off the winners of legitimate games and rolling them into a scam is a classic grifter’s strategy. Why spend hours trying to make the final table of a huge tournament when one can sit down with the winners, cold-deck the game and take everything?

Con artists and thieves know how to get one into these situations once they fall into their trap so stick to a plan and get the money squared away before one stumbles into a bad situation.

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