Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Cosmetic Surgery!

Posted by IndiCure Health on October 9th, 2019

Can Cosmetic Surgery boost your career opportunities? Does looking better at an interview help you grab that job position? 

Whether you agree or not, millions of people are investing money in enhancing their looks because they feel that cosmetic surgery can help them climb the corporate ladder.

Especially in this unsure economic era, this has always been a sensitive subject.The research says that looks matter at the workplace more than they do at the silver screen. It's a belief that good-looking people make more money and get more opportunities to be successful. So, cosmetic surgery becoming instrumental in career advancement should not be a surprise!

Looks: Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined?

The author of this famous book, Gordon Patzer, has studied the impact of physical attractiveness for a long time. He has listed a number of study results that reveal the advantages of being beautiful or handsome!

According to Patzer, the impact of beauty starts with being a baby! Cute newborns are held and adored more than the less cute newborns. Parents may get more protective of more-attractive children. Sometimes, even school teachers tend to get partial towards better-looking children.

Many times, employees themselves unknowingly tend to work more for the better-looking bosses. Attractive bosses are regarded as more persuasive and more credible. Patzer, further, predicts that looking better will become a tool in boosting the career, just like education or clothes.

The Research Agrees Too!

Recent research has revealed that skills, work experience, and job performance are not the only factors considered while promoting employees. Facial appearance is an addition to that list!

One of the NBC polls showed an increasing number of men are opting for cosmetic surgery to look better and enhance their careers and income potential.

A survey was done by Elle and,"Work & Power", showed that good looks are an attribute that both men and women find more significant:

  • 61% of attractive male supervisors were rated higherfor being efficient at the workplace, 41% for males with average looks and25% for those who were less attractive
  • 58% of attractive female supervisors were rated higherfor being successful at the workplace, while it was 41% for females with average looks and only 23% for less-attractive females

A Holland study revealed that organizations with good looking management consistently billed more hours at higher rates than the organizations with average looking management.

Cosmetic Surgery is the Latest Fad for Youngsters!

A well-known career blogger and author of "Brazen Careerist", Penelope Trunk, predicted in one of the blogs that cosmetic surgery will become instrumental among the go-getters and the career-minded and even become a routine procedure for youngsters!

Social norms, attitudes and technological developments are making cosmetic surgery increasingly common in today’s times.

Many youngsters young professionals starting their careers or at the threshold of their careers are opting for cosmetic surgery just to make themselves fit in their dream job profiles better. A 19-year-old girl underwent liposuction to enhance her future career prospects in the hospitality industry.  A young communication officer in the IT industry underwent gynecomastia or male breast reduction surgery because he hesitated meeting people.

Career counselors, on the other hand, are telling their clients to spend more time grooming them to grab more opportunities on the career front. A plain, “don’t look old”, from a career counselor is enough to boost any client to hit a plastic surgeon’s office. These are the reasons why many aged people and youngsters are consulting plastic surgeons to boost their facial appearances for career advancement.

Moreover,plastic surgeons have seen tremendous growth in people coming to the capital cities from small towns only to get result-oriented cosmetic surgeries.

Factors Influencing People to Opt for Cosmetic Surgery to Climb the Corporate Ladder:                     

1. Facial Appearance:

Today, our society focuses more on visual aspects and hence your chances of getting hired or promoted are more if you are better looking. Cosmetic surgery is the key element in enhancing your facial appearance.

2. Self-confidence:

Good-looks induce self-confidence and cosmetic surgery helps you achieve it in just few days. Improved self-confidence helps you in performing well at an interview or even getting successful at your job. Gutsy employees tend to stand out and be the assets of the organizations.

3. Wrinkle-free Face:

Who would appoint a frowning employee? Wrinkles introduce you with an angry look when meeting people. And yet again, cosmetic surgery is widely known to drive away those wrinkles and alter your facial appearance to help you not miss out on job opportunities.

4. Captivating Sales Department Look:

A sales department job needs an appealing face that represents the organization to please customers and market the product with striking confidence. Numerous people are going under knives and needles to get the perfect sales to look!

5. Earning money:

In the US, good-looking people earned 0,000 more than people with below-average looks, revealed a Yale study. Attractive people earn 3% to 4% more than average-looking people.Many believe that climbing the ladder with earning good income at every step becomes easier with cosmetic surgery.

The Last Word- A Word of Caution!

Although no profession requires you to opt for cosmetic surgery, ultimately it’s an individual choice. While some patients undergo surgeries in haste, others take an informed decision before taking the plunge.

However, we request people to consult the best plastic surgeon to get proper information on the dream results you want. Make sure that the surgeon who operates on you is a board certified surgeon, always know what results can you expect and what can be the possible complications, be clear on what is included and what is excluded from the cost and how long would the recovery be. Have realistic goals and don’t rush with the trends just because beauty sells!


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