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Posted by Sundhar on October 9th, 2019

 In general, the content generated spontaneously by our users entertains and generates greater interest in the community. Internet users perceive it as true information from people with the same concerns as them. As a brand, you should provoke this spontaneity and encourage the interaction of your fans with you; only then will you achieve the goal: generate engagement among your users and gain in scope and visibility. One of the best weapons that you have for this is the UGC moderation.

We must be close to our audience so they trust us and explain their concerns, opinions and respond to our communications. The ideal tool to establish a natural conversation, with user-generated content, involves using contests where you are asked to participate.

Moderation of web content, how important for large companies

Large companies are forced to moderate their website, because the more a company is known, the more the number of contributors to their site increases. In terms of E-reputation, this popularity does not present only advantages, because fame and notoriety often rhyme with detractors.

It must be known that a single inappropriate and improper comments that, a priori insignificant, can destroy the reputation of the site in a split second.

It is in this context, and thus to preserve the reputation of the site that it is essential to engage a UGC moderation .

Why entrust the moderation of web content to a specialized offshore agency?

In addition to support UGC moderation and also the animation of your site, FOIWE a specialized offshore UGC moderation agency allows you to harmonize your community of followers to your expectations.

By using the video moderation services, you will be guaranteed to keep only pleasant video to see and those that are not detrimental to your brand.

With the undeniable power of social networks on your SEO, you must also use a video moderation services to filter the exchanges on your page and prevent hackers inject spam messages on your site.

In the case where you are responsible for the animation of your social networks, the assistance of a moderator allows you to easily track the pages that do not conform to your ethic of good morals.

As the exchanges are strongly solicited on the social networks, you must be careful not to let this kind of contents dirty your reputation.  So maintain your reputation use content

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