Why Should You Inquire About One Hitter at That Canada Dispensary?

Posted by Eddy Marcelin on October 10th, 2019

A one-hitter as the name lets you smoke the weed in just one hit. The device seems like a cigarette that you smoke it up in just one take. It lets you hold about 25 mg of marijuana that you inhale using the one-hitter in one go.

Let’s get to know a bit more about it before you explore any Canada dispensary online or offline.

Content to Fill Inside the Hitter

Well, as long as the thing can be inhaled, one-hitter can be used for it. Such as if you want to have the advantages of CBD, then go for the CBD flower or bud. Similarly, if you want to get high without caring about any medical advantages, then there are THC strains too.

In both cases, you are supposed to fill the hitter rightly to make sure enough amount of the herb is there to smoke. So, while choosing a hitter for you, make sure you know the type and quality of the filling.

The Tactics behind Using the Hitter Rightly
There is rocket science behind filling up the hitter but considering a few things can make it filled rightly. This way, when you smoke that one hit, it feels worthy.

Grind the Cannabis Well

No one wants to inhale the ash, and hence, the cannabis strain should be ground well. Avoid grinding it too fine, or it will turn into ash the moment you light the hitter. The strain that is broken to fit into the hitter well works fine with inhaling. To begin with the hitter, you can start with a smaller one to understand its working and the quantity you can bear.
Tip: To make sure it hits you rightly, gasp slowly and steadily until it empties out.
Pack It Up Vertically
Take the mixture or the strain powder into a container and make the hitter facing down. Get it over the powder and keep rolling it until it gets filled up to the top. Also, make sure you do not pack it up too tight, or it will restrict the airflow when you smoke it up. Buy weed in Canada from an authorized supplier, so you do not end up having poor quality strains.
Know How to Light it Rightly
While lighting the hitter, use the flame for a second or two. This way, you won’t end up getting the whole hitter hot and burn the strain quickly. To enjoy your smoking sessions fully, just point the flame a bit, so the tip gets warm enough to produce smoke.
Keep it Clean
To make sure every weed session remains joyful, avoid the ash from building inside the device. Clean the hitter after every use because later the ash can get stuck in there.

  • You need to use hot water to rinse the hitter
  • Put it in a plastic bag where you pour some alcohol afterward
  • Add one tablespoon of salt to this solution and shake the plastic bag so it can get blended in the hitter
  • Rinse it again with hot water and you can use a dryer to dry it up or let it dry naturally

A hitter is a great device to smoke marijuana, whether CBD or THC. When you want just the right amount to inhale, one hitter is all you need. You can buy both hitter and strain from the Canada dispensary and keep experimenting with your smoking sessions.

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