How to keep Children Safe In Obstacle Courses

Posted by sunjoy on October 10th, 2019

The variety of inflatable bouncers are a great way to provide fun and entertainment for children during the holidays. Many parents think that their kids will be safe because the inflatable equipment are soft and bouncy. This is not always the case. You should understand that accidents are always bound to happen even inside a bounce house specialize designed for kids. Not to mention the large inflatable obstacle courses designed for intense activities. But don't worry, if you follow the safety rules of an inflatable obstacle course challenge, your kids will be safer than many other sport games.

1. Adult Supervision at All Times

The best way to uphold safety of a children's obstacle course game is maintaining the maximum supervision. As you well know, kids love to try new things and don't like to be constrained by rules, so they may engage in some dangerous moves on the inflatable equipment. For example, the younger kids tend to lose their balance, slip or get pushed by bigger kids. So you need to keep an eye on the children at all times and never leave them alone when using the inflatables. If you can reach swiftly whenever something happens, then this giant inflatable obstacle course for children is a safe place to play.

2. Use the Obstacle Course in the Right Way

Rule No.1 is that don't allow children of different ages/sizes to play together in the inflatable structure. This can minimize the risks of younger kids getting injured from the bigger kids. Rule No.2 is no sharp objects in side the inflatable. Before the kids walk in the inflatable structure, you should empty their pockets, take off their shoes, glasses and jewelry. Sharp objects can prick the inflatable unit and hurt themselves or other children when bouncing on the inflatable. Read more safety rules on the equipment instructions and make sure the children follow the rules to stay safe.

3. Use the Obstacle Course in Suitable Conditions

Inflatable obstacle course is a much bigger bounce house for children, so you should not use it in bad weather for safety. You may have seen the news that bouncy castle was blown away. Although obstacle courses can be heavier, but also larger after inflated. Therefore, they might end up being blown away by strong winds. So don't let the kids stay on the inflatable obstacle course when the winds exceed 20 miles per hour. In addition to the strong winds, you should also pay attention to the rain and lightning. These elements will also increase the risks of accidents occurring. So read the manufacturer's instructions before you set up the inflatable obstacle course.

4. Double Check the Anchoring of Inflatables

As mentioned above, if you plan to set up the inflatable obstacle course outdoors, you must secure the inflatables to the ground firmly to avoid being blown down by strong winds. The giant inflatable equipment packages usually come with 30 to 40 inches strong steel stakes and anchors so that they can hold firmly during the winds. You need to hammer the stakes into the ground and double check your anchoring before you let the children enter.

5. Be Prepared to Take Care of Injured Kids

As much as you would like to keep the kids out of harm's way, something somewhere will always go wrong. Therefore, you must be prepared to provide medical care in case an injury happens. Carry a first aid kit and take a first aid course so that you know how to handle different types of injuries. If you don't know how to handle the situation, take the injured kid to the nearest health facility for further treatment as soon as possible.

6. Get Tired Kids out of the Obstacle Course

After the children have been playing for a while, you need to pay attention to whether some of them are starting to feel tired. It make no sense to allow tired kids to play together with energetic kids in the obstacle course. So you need to pay attention to the tired kids and take precautions, get them out of the obstacle course and don't allow them to enter again until they get enough rest.

The above are some safety tips to keep the kids safe when playing in the inflatable obstacle course. Come to Sunjoy Inflatables to buy obstacle courses and various inflatable bouncers for your events and business.

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