How to protect your identity and credit card details

Posted by freemexy on October 10th, 2019

You do not want to accidentally lose your hard-earned money, but have done everything possible to avoid it?Every year, the financial industry is revealing more and more credit card numbers that hackers sell on the Internet.If you do not want your credit card information to fall into the wrong hands, read on.
Keeping your identity and your money safe is more difficult than ever, but not impossible.All you have to do is be vigilant and take some precautions:All you have to do is be vigilant and take some precautions:Use alternative payment methods
If you can, avoid using your card.Pay in cash or use a prepaid card or virtual card when shopping online.Such cards pose fewer security risks.If they are leaked, they can not be used to steal your identity.You do not have a credit rating, do not have access to your lifetime savings and are much easier to freeze.They are therefore the best choice for travel and one-off purchases.Here are many more tips for safe online shopping.Learn to recognize suspicious situations
One of the best ways to protect yourself is to understand your enemy.Learn about the most common hacking methods and what phishing emails look like.But do not forget to apply similar rules offline.Look for suspicious behaviors or situations that do not seem right.An ATM with an unusual card slot may have a card skimmer installed.Stay alert!Practice good online behavior9.Hacker can use your little mistakes to their advantage.Therefore, it is important to practice good online behavior.Is your software and your virus protection up to date?How strong are your passwords and where do you keep them?Do you store your credit card information in your accounts?Do you ever handle finances while you're on public Wi-Fi?How much personal information do you publish on social media?All these are the main risk factors!All these are the main risk factors!Watch your bank statements

Can leaked credit cards be catastrophic?
If you are one of those people who are not checking their bank statements, it's time to do so!This is important because most hackers test your card before they hack you or buy your data on the dark internet.They send a small fee (a dollar or even a few cents) to see if the account is active.Only then will they empty your account.Most people do not pay attention to small fees and the banks do not take them into their hands.
Also go paperless.Bank statements sent to your home address contain a lot of valuable personal information about you.These can easily be retrieved from your mailbox.Instead, just use an online banking app.Some banks and prepaid cards send you alerts each time you complete a transaction, so you can easily tell when something is wrong.Can your bank help you?
Talk to your bank and credit bureau about additional security measures and notifications.Some credit bureaus may send SMS notifications if they find that your credit card or social security number is being sold on the dark internet.While some banks monitor credit reports to see if someone has used your personal information to open new accounts or tried to borrow.
If you notice any fraudulent activities, you question them.You can also contact major credit bureaus and notify them.They will then review your records and give you a credit report.They will then review your records and give you a credit report.

Use a VPN
Always use a VPN, especially when handling sensitive financial information, shopping online, using mobile banking apps, or connecting to public Wi-Fi. A VPN encrypts your traffic so hackers and snoopers can’t see your financial information or what you do online. VPN download

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