Things Causing Low Voltage in House Wiring

Posted by Rajnikant on October 10th, 2019

Low voltage is a basic concept that can be explained as a voltage lower than the normal levels of electric power being supplied to buildings. Low voltage transformers India manufacturers will share several causes behind low voltage in house wiring in this post.

In technical terms, low voltage is a diminution of electrical current to 90% of its usual capacity for a minute or more. Low voltage results in –

  • Poor appliance performance
  • Dim lighting
  • Intermittent outages
  • Overheating of equipment
  • Equipment malfunctioning

What causes low voltage?

There are multiple reasons to low voltage entering your home –

  1. Overload

Overload is one of the common causes of low voltage. During entire day, we require more electricity to perform our routine tasks. And the demand of power supply increases in hot days and weeks of the summer due to excessive use of air conditioners and power consuming machines. When the power company detects increased demand of power supply, it simply decreases some percent of the supply reaching per home in a region. This causes low voltage.

  1. Distance

Only few people know that distance also causes low voltage. Homes at a great distance from the main power transformer or generator will receive a lower amount of voltage as compared to the homes that are closer. The case we are taking in reference is from spread-out rural areas, where the issue is low load density. It means the electricity needs to travel farther. In urban areas where people live in society or flats, the electrical signal travelling towards the urban areas have high density of thickness; which is conductive to higher or more regular voltage per home.

  1. Imbalance

Modern electrical systems designed for homes are intended with three wires coming from the transformer inside the home. These electrical systems are made with a purpose to spread the voltage load demand in equal parts using the third wire as “neutral” regulator. There are certain circumstances when the load might be uneven. Such imbalance can be caused by several factors, including weaker wiring for one wire than the other.

When there is unbalancing of load and more electricity forcing through one wire over the other, the “stressed” wire will start providing less voltage and won’t be able to meet the demand. This finally results in weak signals and voltage.

  1. Wires

The state of the wiring in an area is one of the most common reasons behind voltage issues. Old and worn wires are the primary cause of low voltage since they provide dirty connections and poor insulation. Damaged spliced wire can also causes low voltage. The issue of low voltage due to torn or damaged wires can only be resolved with replacement.

These are the few causes of low voltage. Manufacturers of low voltage transformers India are making step up and step down transformers to regulate the power supply and resolve the issues related to voltage. You can connect with them and find the best suitable product for your area or location.

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