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Posted by kunal on October 10th, 2019

One of the biggest challenges for educators today, particularly in high schools and sixth form colleges is challenging disaffection and raising morale and motivation amongst students. This is particularly important in disadvantaged areas where lack of ambition hampers teachers' efforts Speaker Bureau to boost attainment. Some schools employ a motivational speaker to help in these challenges.

Of course, it could be argued that teachers themselves should be able to take on the role of a motivational speaker. Certainly, a major part of their role should be encouraging ambition and boosting achievement. But of course, the students spend every day with the same teacher and can become disaffected, no matter how good the teacher is at motivating.

This is why some schools have been known to invite a motivational speaker into the school assembly to speak to students, particularly at challenging times, such as prior to the exam period. One of the most important things that a motivational speaker in a school can do is to instil the belief that each student is responsible for their own future and that hard work will pay off. This is important for students who are lacking in self belief and who may be setting themselves up for failure by believing that there is little point in trying hard.

But if students won't necessarily listen to the teachers who teach them on a daily basis, how can we be sure that they'll take on board the message of the speaker. In short, we can't. But there are ways of improving the chances. Young people are more likely to take in the message of a person with whom they can relate and in disadvantaged areas they are unlikely to believe that a middle class teacher is on their wavelength. They are familiar with celebrities and so hiring a motivational speaker who is famous through a speakers' bureau can help. Many of the motivational speakers are sports stars or entrepreneurs who come from humble beginnings and have benefitted from the results of hard work. Such speakers have an important message to deliver to students: that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. 

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