Mifepristone and Misoprostol: How to use abortion pills at home?

Posted by Romie John on October 10th, 2019


Mifepristone and Misoprostol are abortion pills which equally contribute to terminate an unwanted pregnancy successfully. When you buy abortion pills online, Mifepristone and Misoprostol is a drug combination that you will notice more often. Most women around the world use this combination to end their early pregnancy. 

Though the drug combination is popular in the drug field, not many women know the right way of consuming the pills. Further, this is one of the most crucial parts of medical abortion since the efficacy of abortion pills highly depends on how accurately the medicines are consumed. Hence, this blog aims to help women understand the right way of consuming Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills. 


  • What you should know: 

You can get Mifepristone online or from the local pharma stores. The cost of Mifepristone ranges between 0 to 0, and hence it is affordable for many women. 

If you cannot find Mifepristone at any store, abortion pills such as Mifeprex and Generic RU 486 are some of the alternate options which have the components in them. The pill fights with the progesterone hormone in a woman’s body. 

With this, the medication ceases the development of pregnancy. It is crucial for starting the abortion process. 

  • How to consume it: 

The consumption of the Mifepristone abortion pill is almost similar to any other medication. You have to take it orally with a glass of water. For a pregnancy, less than nine weeks, one pill of 200 mg works best to stop the pregnancy growth. 

After you consume Mifepristone, you can eat your regular meals. However, make sure that the meals are light and healthy. 

  • What to expect: 

Mifepristone abortion pill does not typically bring about visible physical change. You may experience pregnancy symptoms. However, the drug does the vital work of initiating pregnancy termination procedure. 


  • What you should know: 

Most online pharmacies have Misoprostol pills online. If you do not find abortion pills at the local stores, online pharmacies are always a safe option. You can also compare the prices of tablets on each website, browsed them. The price ranges between 0 to 0 for each medicine. 

Misoprostol pills hold prostaglandin constituents. These are crucial for bringing contractions in the lining of the uterus. 

  • How to consume it: 

For a pregnancy with up to 63 days(10 weeks) of gestation, four pills of Misoprostol are impoThere are two ways you can consume Misoprostol pills. 

  • Buccal method: 

In this method, the Misoprostol abortion pills are placed in the cheek pouches for half an hour. If you feel like vomiting, remove the pills from the mouth and keep them as before for the remaining time. After 30 minutes, you can swallow the remainders if any. 

  • Vaginal Method: 

In this method, you can insert the abortion pills in the vagina. 

Empty your bladder before you insert the pills in the vagina. Most women prefer standing on one foot while inserting the pills. You can find your comfortable positing and carefully place the tablets inside. You can also consider taking help from your partner while putting the pills in the vagina. 

Both methods of consumption are equally effective. However, most healthcare providers suggest taking Misoprostol pills by the second method. It is because there are fewer chances of medicines getting off from the place. 

Having fat loaded meals after the consumption of Misoprostol may hinder pill processing. Hence, healthcare experts advise taking an easily digestible and healthy meal intake during the entire medical abortion process. 

  • What to expect: 

The Misoprostol abortion pills slowly dissolve in the body and begin their work within 3-4 hours. Hence, women can expect the after-effects of Misoprostol after 3-4 hours within a day.

Women encounter cramps and bleeding within 24 hours of consumption. At times, cramps can be intense than menstrual pain. Similarly, even the bleeding experienced is often heavier than menstrual bleeding. 

  • When to know the abortion procedure is over?

The bleeding encountered during the abortion process continues for around 7 days or more. When the bleeding stops, pregnancy tissues are removed from the body. Women who have more than seven weeks of pregnancy (up to 9 weeks) may observe lumps passing from the vagina. 

However, your body may take some time to get back to the normal phase. It can take a couple of days more after the bleeding has stopped. Women should not rely on the bleeding symptom of abortion alone. A pregnancy test is a must to confirm the success of the pregnancy termination procedure. 

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, illness, headache, excessive bleeding, etc. are side effects of abortion pills. Since these side effects are only temporary, women should inform their healthcare provider for any prolonged effect. Simple pain killers may help with reducing cramps effect during the procedure. Besides, you can ensure that you light and healthy to avoid diarrhea problems. 

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